October 15, 2021
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49er Pet store closes its doors

By: Irene Hilsendager
November 22, 2019

The sad news is 49er Pets will be closing its doors Dec. 14; the good news, Kitty Collins will be able to rest her aching body after 40-plus years. Yes, Kitty learned the business from the ground up and much of that was scooping up the donkey pen or the many other pens located near the business.

49er Pet was on E. Cotati situated right by the SMART track, but at that time it was freight trains that were coming through Cotati and Rohnert Park and even delivering products to the pet store which is now inhabited by a glass company. It was unique for Kitty to unload the freight right off the train.

Kitty has always been interested in any animal and in 1992 the store front moved from Cotati to Southwest Blvd. in Rohnert Park. In 1993 she bought the business and has been a neighborhood staple since then.

The building is getting old and needs many upgrades. Many remember this store front as Sissa’s, a 217,800 square foot building that desperately needs revamping.

Daughter Cassandra started working at the pet store while she was in high school also doing the dirty jobs and worked her way up in the business. Kitty says, “no one in the family is interested in taking over so it is best to close the doors.”

Collins mentioned the L neighborhood. Her daughter went to school at La Fiesta and was bussed to the Rohnert Junior High and Kitty proudly says, “I headed the opening ceremony at La Fiesta.” Her second daughter, Kimberly was the first child to go from kindergarten through the sixth grade at La Fiesta.

But Kitty says after two back surgeries, one knee surgery and fighting cancer two times it was time for her body to try and mend itself. She has no plans to travel at the moment but wants to cope with her new life and enjoy family.