September 24, 2021
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  • St. Germain in uniform in his plane

  • St. Germain showing off his fighter plane

November 15, 2019

There was a huge party Oct. 25 for someone special: Ed (Edward) E. St. Germain, who has lived in Rohnert Park for many years but moved to the Vineyards in the Fountaingrove area of Santa Rosa a few days later. 

St. Germain, quick-witted, can light up a room with his huge smile. He loves to share stories and past events with anyone and everyone. 

Edward was a ground attack pilot and flew 72 combat missions mainly in Belgium which included the Battle of the Bulge. He was engaged in air to air combat, shooting down several German fighters and after having a couple of his own P47s damaged in battle was forced to crash land more than once remarkably surviving without any injuries.

St. Germain distinguished himself by unselfish devotion to duty and outstanding courage. After his squadron had made two successful strafing attacks upon a German airfield, it was attacked by several enemy fighters. Without hesitation, Lt. St. Germain engaged the enemy and when he discovered one of the squadron planes to be badly damaged, he immediately went to its aid. Escorting the damaged plane to base, Germain employed great skill, protected it from three successive attacks by enemy planes and succeeded in damaging one. The superior airmanship and extraordinary skill displayed by Germain on this occasion are in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army Air Force.

His war records were submitted to the Library of Congress by the Sonoma County Air Museum, however because of a fire in the military records room many files were lost and recreating them would be very difficult.