January 15, 2021
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Our Feelings Come From Our Beliefs

By: Steven Campbell
October 19, 2018

It turns out that my open heart surgery is very soon. Kaiser just discovered my leaky heart valve! And last year it was cancer and cataracts.

Parts of growing older can feel really hard!!

But do you know what, dear reader?  Our feelings do not come from growing older, or heart disease, or cancer, or cataracts!

Do you know where they come from? 

They come from what we choose to believe about growing older, and heart disease, and cancer, and cataracts!

In addition, our feelings do not come from how we were raised, or what is happening to us, or the mistakes we have made, or the successes we have had.

They come from what we choose to believe about how we were raised, and what we choose to believe about what is happening to us, and what we choose to believe about the mistakes we have made, and what we choose to believe about the successes we have had.

And here’s the exciting part! We can choose to change our beliefs!

Is it easy? OF COURSE NOT, for many of our beliefs have been with us for most of our lives. 

But our feelings about our lives primarily come from what we are believing about our lives! TODAY!


This was first suggested by Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Robert Harper in their book A Guide To Rational Living back in the early Sixties.

Look at four of its Chapter Titles.

You Largely Feel the Way You Think

How You Create Your Feelings

Thinking Yourself Out of Emotional Disturbances

 Overcoming the Influences of the Past

My dear sister Sallee passed away from heart disease last year. Her own son Michael passed away three years before from liver failure at the age of 42..

And yet Sallee wrote a blog just after Michael died.  Here’s what she said:

My plan is to go through this experience mindfully and learn what I need to learn as I go along.

Sad things happen. They do. But we don’t have to live sad forever.

I believe there are no accidents in life. Everything fits together, even when you can’t see the larger picture.

Last year Kaiser discovered my cancer and cataracts.

For the cancer, they excised a little patch of skin from my scalp and I’m cancer free. They also replaced my cataracts with corrective lenses, and I’m typing this without glasses. And later this year they will be replacing my mitral valve with a new valve that should last another twenty years.

Again, dear reader, (and I have shared this with you so many times before), there is a wonderful characteristic which God created in our brains to help us deal with the hard stuff that happens to ALL of us. 

Simply this!

Our brain believes everything we tell it. And when we choose to think positively, and then lock onto those positive beliefs, our brain rewires itself so that those positive beliefs...over time...not only become our mindset...they become who we are!

Wow Again!

So if we exclaim, “Oh how awful it is to have heart disease!” or “I cannot change my beliefs,” our brain says, “Ok! You’re right!” and then makes sure you can’t!

But when we choose to say, “All this will work out and I can change what I am believing” our brains immediately agree, and then help us to do so. 

When Michael Fox was asked by Time Magazine in 2009 if he felt he had been cheated by having Parkinson’s Disease, he responded: “ABSOLUTELY NOT! It has been a detour I would not have planned. But it has led me to amazing places!”

When Stan Laurel (the skinny one of Laurel and Hardy) was offered a part in a movie after having a major stroke, he said, “Tell them I’m available. But I only play statues!”  

Can we actually think this way? 

Yes!!! When we choose to!!!

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you say you can or can’t, you’re right!!”

Wow a third time!!!

Steven Campbell is the author of “Making Your Mind Magnificent.” His seminar “Taming Your Mind, Unleashing Your Life” is now available on line at  For more information, call Steven Campbell at 707-480-5507.