March 3, 2021

NOAH receives a gift of a generator

  • Left to right...Ken McCoy, Darlene Phillips, Bob Stewart & Ray Reyff. Photo provided by Robert Stewart

In mid-2020, the governing board of NOAH spoke of the importance of maintaining electrical power to the facility during PG&E power disruptions. Our facility stores large amounts of food that will quickly spoil without electrical power for refrigeration. This realization has become more and more evident during the past couple of years where Sonoma County as well as other areas have been ravaged by wildfires resulting in the loss of power for extended periods of time. Combined with the ever more frequent “Public Safety Power Shutoff” events, the NOAH operation of providing food to the community could be heavily impacted and jeopardized by the loss of damaged food as the result of electrical power loss.


Sonoma County vaccine rollout hits benchmark

Sonoma County, Phase 1A of the vaccine rollout is complete and the initial stages of Phase 1B are underway. According to, 5.8 percent of adults in the county are now fully vaccinated with 21.41 percent having received at least one dose of vaccine. As of this writing 111,372 doses of the vaccine have been administered. Yet, the county still finds itself in the purple at tier one, the highest risk level considered widespread. The vaccine rollout is now moving from those 75 and older, high-risk health care workers and first responders into the agricultural, food service, education sectors and those ages 65 and older, adding momentum to a positive trend. 

Morris Street encampment: Why is it permitted?

A public comment at the Feb. 16 Sebastopol City Council meeting that complained of recent crimes against businesses on Morris Street raised questions about the homeless population who live out of their cars in Sebastopol’s eastern edge of town.


Coach Gehrig holds outdoor practice for Rancho Cougars

Coach Gehrig Hotaling talked to players before their outdoor practice Monday evening. Practices are being held in the outfield of the Technology High baseball field because the high school field is still under construction. 

Photo by Robert Grant


COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics -UPDATE

West County Health Centers (WCHC) has made a strategic decision to change our appointment scheduling for the West County Community Vaccination Clinics, which offer a vaccine solution for residents who live, work, or whose primary care medical home is in western Sonoma County. The decision to switch to direct outreach from our health centers, primary care practices and organizations employing essential workers in the eligibility tiers was made to help prioritize the most vulnerable to vaccinate first.  This change will replace the open self-scheduling, which was previously available on our website This decision is based on pending changes to the State’s vaccine distribution system, which is administered by Blue Shield as it’s Third-Party Administrator.  West County Health Centers and all FQHC’s (Federally Qualified Health Centers) in Sonoma County will be participating with the state’s new Third-Party Administrator arrangement in the second phase starting on March 7th.   This arrangement includes the requirement to transition to the “My Turn” appointment scheduling platform, which is being piloted this week.