Sportsmens Report
November 21, 2017

Mushroom hunting on the coast

The Sportsmen's Report

There is something restorative in a drive up our coastline. Pressed for what is the most beautiful part of Sonoma County, the Pacific has to be neck and neck with the redwoods, the rolling hills, the wild west county, all the lush trees – the perfect place for a great...


Fire damaged guns

Some friends were discussing the aftermath of the fires. Several spoke of losing their guns, in a big, “fireproof” safe. Another said he found the jewelry box, well where it had been, in the ash...

Community spirit post fire and mushrooms

It will take years for Sonoma County to get past, life before and after the Sonoma Complex Fire. There are heartwarming stories, and those of narrow escape and of heroism. One such reflection is the community we live in and the cause dispirit therein.