August 19, 2017

Eradicating Polio

  • Bob Rogers is seen whizzing down his driveway on his bicycle as he prepares to head out on a ride to get in shape for his up-coming race. Robert Grant

  • Bob Rogers is seen in his riding clothes outside his Sebastopol home before going on a ride to get in shape for his up-coming race. Robert Grant


Rotary district 5130 is not the only district to focus on eliminating polio. The effort first started in 1978 when Clem Renouf from Australia, then President of Rotary International, was searching for a project in which all rotary clubs could collaborate.


Leaving behind a legacy of integrity in education

“I find when you get your faculty to work together and are consistent, it provides a great experience for early adolescents,” says Mason. “My philosophy has always been that you treat teachers as professionals, listen and try out their ideas and encourage some risk taking.”  

Time marches on for an apple farmer

For any size projects, Marshall hand cuts paper patterns; which he orders from a source in the Midwest. Thomas says that this person is the best in the world for drawing patterns. After cutting the pattern, he attaches them to wood with an adhesive and cuts the designs before using glue to assemble the pieces.