May 27, 2017

The Sitting Room celebrates a special Memorial Day for women authors

  • Ann Neel and longtime Sitting Room participant at the annual obituary readings. Photo by Robert Grant

  • JJ Wilson, who led the Sitting Room participant group in their annual obituary readings. Photo by Robert Grant

The Sitting Room has events, workshops and readings nearly every week. If you’re looking for something unique to do in Penngrove that won’t cost you a thing, stop by at any time to see what’s happening. 



Elizabeth Seton Walking Padre retires

Some of Rev. Griffin’s most memorable days at St. Elizabeth Seton parish, include those where he became affectionately dubbed as “the walking padre.”

Scouting, a way of life for youths in America

Scouting actually began in 1907 when Sir Robert Baden-Powell, a retired Lieutenant-General of the British Army, took 20 boys  on a camping trip. A year later the gentleman published the first Boy Scout handbook, “Scouting for Boys.”