July 17, 2018

RP nonprofit changes up the model for giving back to those in need

  • Daniel Casanova, executive director of Global Partners for Development, visits an African community on one of his many trips. Photo courtesy of Daniel Casanova

“What is unique about Global Partners for Development is that the ideas we try to get up are not our own. The ideas come from local people who understand their needs… and it has been pretty successful so far,” says Amy Holter, director of programs and evaluation.


Created by women, for women ~ The Northbay Alliance of Professional Women

Another unique feature of NAPW is that the organization contributes financially to a variety of other local community organizations, through a percentage of the bi-annual $60 dues that each member pays.

A small but mighty local non-profit

The organization serves those who are working to protect and heal children and families. They work to optimize established programs and services so that children, families and communities are served in a holistic way based on best practices and current research. For every one person served by CIR, hundreds more are reached.