January 18, 2018

Riebli students and staff return to beloved campus

John B. Riebli students, faculty, families, friends, and alumni are seen gathered in the quad for the first time since Friday, October 6th. Several First responder agencies are seen leading a caravan of School Busses filled with John B. Riebli students and Teachers back to the Riebli campus for the first...


Officials say mudslide risk in SR, Sonoma County is low

“The big difference between what’s happening down there and what’s happening up here, is they did not get nearly the amount of time that we’ve had to put a lot of those measures in place and they also got a significant amount more rain than what we received,” Lowenthal said.

Where you can recycle your Christmas tree

Every year after presents have been unwrapped and the new year reigned in, the dried remains of once decorated Christmas trees often dot city streets and neighborhoods, waiting to be picked up. This year is no different, however, there are various ways you can ensure your tree can get recycled in an environmentally friendly way and the Sonoma County Waste Agency is reminding residents how to properly prepare your tree for pick-up.