November 21, 2017

Community creates vision for downtown RP

  • Opticos designers work on sketching out ideas posted on the 3D model from charrette attendees for buildings and concepts for RP?s future downtown. Katherine Minkiewicz

“Design is important… and for people to become proficient on design so they can have a voice (on what the future of RP could look like).”


Officials say graffiti isnít too common, open to idea of street art

After the Oct. 29 arrest of two teenage vandals who spray painted a sound barrier wall in Cotati, Cotati city manager and chief of police say while graffiti isn’t too common, City Manager Damien O’Bid...

Stories of local vets in honor of Veteranís Day

Sergeant Harper, Active Duty

 At a fast food joint a young man in full uniform stood waiting for his food, I noticed he wore a Staff Sergeant insignia on his pocket. The first thought was that...