May 21, 2019

History- July 22, 1992 Hopkins won’t seek re-election

Warren Hopkins, Rohnert Park’s 24-year council veteran, said Monday he will not be seeking re-election in November.

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History March 1962 Mrs. Cincera to head Rohnert PTA officers

The Parent-Teacher Association of John Reed School held its first regular meeting last Wednesday evening and elected the following officers: President, Donna Cincera; vice president, Kay Wacher; honorary vice president, W. Ray Miller; secretary, Jane Smuch; treasurer, Juanita Brown; historian, Beverly Garner; Parliamentarian, Marjorie Miller; auditor, Donna Sheehan.

Cotati’s Zone Music-History 2010

Twenty nine years is long enough for a business to become an institution and over the years Cotati’s Zone Music has been more than a retail music store selling electric and acoustic guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, sound systems and recording equipment-it’s become a central organizing force for good in the North Bay Area musical community, producing benefits and musical events in support of everything from ailing musicians to community causes like the recent Rock for No Rock concert in Cotati’s downtown La Plaza Park.