November 21, 2017

Nov 17 history RP businessman going to Houston for convention-August 1992

Nov 17 history

Rohnert Park Developer Mike Rosen says he does not travel much, but the trip to Houston he is taking next week is expected to be interesting and exciting.

Rosen will be an alternate delegate when the GOP convention meets in the Houston Astrodome. There are three delegates for each congressional district...


City employees give up raises-August 1992

In a time when budget crunches are plenty, Cotati City employees have voluntarily given up raises, stipends and benefits that equal a total savings of $444,000 for the city.

FLASHBACKS July 7, 1976

Ground was broken Thursday for the new $2.48 million art department building at Sonoma State College. According to Nore Thiesfeld, the college planning director, the one story wood structure will have 46,400 square feet of...