April 21, 2018

Honorary Doctorates at SSU Dr. H. Andréa Neves & George L. Ortiz to be awarded

“Andréa Neves commitment to education and social justice and George Ortiz’s dedication to aiding underserved, Spanish-speaking communities, embody the ideals of the California State University,” Sakaki said. “Both serve as shining examples to the human capacity to elevate others through service.”


Elementary school teachers bring city planning to the classroom

Three teachers at University Elementary, Jessica Bender, Ryan Kurada and Kristin Ballard are bringing the future city model project to their first and second grade classes in the hope that the projects will inspire creativity, leadership and plant the seed of the importance of community involvement and improvement.

The color run: Raising funds to keep sports in school

The color run is the club’s second annual fundraiser where the student body from Lawrence Jones will work to collect donations from family, friends and local businesses for their sports programs.