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August 19, 2019

Mark your calendars-Support Bark After Dark

Mark your calendars now for Sat., Nov. 2 for the Animal Shelter League’s (ASL) annual fundraiser Bark After Dark.  It gets better each year and our goal gets higher too.  Help us raise $50,000 for the animals right here in our community.  With your assistance, we can do it!

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Saving Hopps becomes a job

Poor Hopps, a 3-4-month pit/lab-x puppy, came to us a couple weeks ago after he was found stray and had been presumably hit by a car.  Unable to stand he still wagged his tail and licked our hands.

To be a senior cat during the summer is the pits

Woe to the senior cat that finds him/herself in an animal shelter during the summer!  Not only do you have the double whammy of losing your home and your family as well as your routine – and we all know how much cats love routines – but you have to compete with kitten cuteness for the available adoption homes.  Talk about life being unfair!  Here are some of our special golden oldies – they deserve at least to be in the spotlight for a bit.