April 24, 2017

Seeing challenges as temporary setbacks

Mind, Body and Spirit

We saw that a pessimist generally says, “Life happens to me!” and “I must simply learn to accept the evitable.”  They also exclaim “It will always be this way” and “The sooner I accept this, the better!”


Mouth Breathing in Children Breathing correctly is nothing to sneeze at!

Having a frequent runny nose, ongoing colds, recurring earaches and sore throats are not part of a normal childhood.  They might be dismissed as signs of allergies. However, they might be a result of mouth breathing.  There is cause for concern when a child or adult is forced to breathe through their mouth. 

Conversation starters to help older adults manage their finances

In our conversation we began last week, a woman named Kendall was speaking with her father who seemed to be getting along fine on his own after his wife died, and whenever Kendall asked if she could help him with tasks like paying bills, he replied he had everything “under control.”