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All dogs and cats should wear a collar with a license and ID tag securely attached.  If your pet ever becomes lost, it’s his ticket home; giving a Good Samaritan a way to return your pet safely home.  That’s when everything is working right.  It assumes that the pet is wearing his collar, the tag is legible, the information on... Read More

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A fun filled day at 2015 Fishing Derby

Everly Shaw, 2, of Rohnert Park, shows off her 0.23 trout that she caught at the Rohnert Park Kids Fishing Derby that was held on Saturday at Roberts Lake.  This was Everly's first... Read More

Monte Vista- Teacher Builder 2015


Oliver Steinfels, Jessica Quattlander, Kara Felton, Vivian Winfree, Paula Isabelle, Katie Quintana, Celeste Murad, April Barrett, Christa Pedro, Jill Reid, Wendy Taylor, Cindy Savage, Shawna Hoxsie, Shannon Patricks, Tina Martinez, Tami Riddle, Shanda... Read More

John Reed - Citizen of the week for May 19

John Reed - Citizen of the week  for May 19

Anthony Alonso, Emeraude Mondragon, Areli Perez, Nayeli Tinajero, Ivy Boynton, Maria Perez Garfia, Alexa Magana, Kaylee Dennis, Angela Romo Alcazar, Oswaldo Adame Sanchez,... Read More

Waldo Intermediate - Lifeskill Leaders for May 18

Sofia Ocampo, Luis Canseco Carreno, Vanessa Tinajero, Cody Gilbert, Manny Carillo, Nadia Khoury, Alexandra Pavon Floriano, Michelle Gopar Velasco and Jeremy Curmona.


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