Simple steps to keep kids healthy During cold and flu season

Each year, cold and flu season strikes just as families are preparing to get together and celebrate the holidays. During these joyous times, stuffy noses, body aches and headaches are the last thing any child wants to experience. 

Prevention is key to keeping fever and flu symptoms at bay for everyone in the family—especially children under 6 years old, who routinely... Read More

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University Elementary Life Skill Awards recipients for week of Dec. 16
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David Carranza Banuelos, Angel Quintas Ibarra, Atreyu Thompson and Kaylee Robinson.

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Waldo Intermediate Lifeskill Leaders for the week of Dec. 15
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Delilah Gonzales, Diego Flores, George Linsenmeyer, Cesar Alcala, Naomi Ordaz, Celeste Beltran, Nathan Causey, Heidi Gauder and Gabriel Roncancio.

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Make it a safe holiday pet-proof your home
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I spent a good portion of last weekend picking mushrooms. Not to eat, although I love them. I wouldn’t trust myself to know an edible mushroom from a poisonous one. But with the recent... Read More