Kid's holiday drawing contest
Draw one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories to share

Full sized picture here (download the picture to print out and draw on!)

Here is what you need to do:

1) Draw one of your favorite Thanksgiving memories in this box to share and then send it in to:  

The Community Voice 

P.O. Box 2038, Rohnert Park, CA 94927


Bring it to our office,

100 Professional Center Dr., Suite 110, Rohnert Park


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Top Stories
Happy Stuffing Day
By Mickey Zeldes

Why do I always wait until Thanksgiving to write about vegetarianism?  Perhaps because this day, more than any other represents what is wrong with the Standard American Diet (SAD).  We stuff a turkey... Read More

Found animals


11/9/15 150961 Chihuahua/Papillon Blk/Tan Female Adult

11/10/15 150965 Poodle mix White Female Adult

11/15/15 150974 Lab mix Blk/Wht Male Older Adult


Cats and other small animals

11/11/15... Read More

Evergreen Lifeskill awards and students of the month

First, second and third Lifeskill Awards and students of the month:

Carolina Ballinas Alvarez, Jayden Reyes-Burmudez, Curtis Steiner, Benjamin Rodriguez, Chishslor Philidor, Angel Magana Sandoval, Ashley Tucker, Emma Scott, David Alvarado, Brooklyn Johnson,... Read More

Monte Vista Student Builders

Vanessa Avila Flores, Zoe Olson, Jett Castner, Paige Vranesevich, Priyasa Paudel, Ethan Perry, Ramiro Padilla, Tatiana Antone, Frida Preciado, Kyle Damaso, Kara Allsup, Alyssa Turner, Alexander Carter, Leeyena Barni, Eloise Tran, Lydia Tedesco,... Read More

Waldo Intermediate Lifeskill Leaders

Mary Jane Martinez, Gavin O’Hare, Miriam Foli, Kayla Olivares, Oswaldo Adame S., Jaslynn Santiago Reyes, Samuel Alvarado, Leslie, Christopher Cas and Kimberly Topete.

Photo by Jane Peleti

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John Reed Citizens of the Week

Jessie Badau, Joshua Garcia Santos, Isaac Ramirez, Tristan Scott, Elias Enriquez Cervantes, Angel Sanchez Munoz, Julian Gonzalez, George Cruz, Jessenia Hernandez Adame, Natalie Davila Alaniz, Tighe Chavez Campbell, Jestsemany Guerrero, Athziry Alvares Ruiz... Read More

Kids' Art

By Scott, age 9 (“Meowth, that’s right!”)

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