Computers, dental technology have changed our lives
The Wealth of Health

Dental materials and technology, as well as patient comfort, have advanced rapidly over the last 25 years. When I began practicing, silver-mercury amalgam fillings were the norm. Gloves were only used for surgery. Extractions and dentures were the common treatment. All billing, appointment scheduling and treatment records were hand written or typed. Computers, cell phones and microwaves were unknown in... Read More

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Plan now for loved one’s return from the hospital
By Julie Ann Soukoulis

When a doctor admits your loved one to a hospital or facility it’s often a traumatic experience, whether you were expecting it or not. And, as a family caregiver, it’s unlikely that you’re thinking... Read More

The Great Outdoors: friend or foe?
By Dawn Dolan

We are coming into the warm season and the bright sunshine calls to us. Are you just out for a stroll or playing games and picnicking?  Are you hesitating to go outside because summer... Read More

Save Lives Sonoma seeks 2 volunteers for website and CPR class scheduling

Save Lives Sonoma wants to augment survivability from unexpected cardiac arrest by providing CPR training throughout the community. The Save Lives Sonoma is looking for two volunteers, one to maintain the website and the... Read More