Better organization can help families make time for seniors
Spotlight on Seniors

Juggling the demands of daily life can be particularly difficult for family caregivers. If you’re caring for an older adult, you may need extra help. Fall is such a busy family time with school and sports activities for our children, and work and home obligations for families; not to mention the holidays are just around the corner. Often I hear... Read More

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Cultures differ on what makes a beautiful smile
By George Malkemus

Straight white teeth are the mark of beauty in our American Hollywood culture. Other cultures have different views of dental beauty.  The white craze has not hit Europe yet.  Natural off-white is still the... Read More

What is health? What is healthcare?
By Dawn Dolan

So many debates rage on about availability of healthcare, cost of healthcare, choices of healthcare providers, alternative healthcare, preventative healthcare and on and on. As children we are taught to bathe frequently, wear clean... Read More

Make healthy snack time count

(Family Features) During this busy time of year, it’s easy to let nutrition slide. That’s why it’s important to have healthy snacks ready to take with you so you can keep your energy up... Read More