Letters to the Editor
New York transplant praises Thomas Elias
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The Community Voice:
This letter is for Mr. Thomas Elias.
Dear Mr. Elias, I've been meaning for quite some time to email you to tell you how very
much I appreciate the weekly column of yours that I read in my weekly paper here in Rohnert
Park, “The Community Voice.”
As a transplant from central New York to California in 2000,
I confess that I had scant knowledge of the political scene here in California, aside
from what was on the national news.
So, your column has done a great service in educating me as to the background on many issues
and filled in a number of gaps. I want to say a hearty thank you for your work and perspective and I hope you are nowhere close to retiring from your writings. Please keep up the great work!

Trump will lead U.S. down dangerous path
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The Community Voice:
Who once said, “Those who do not learn from history are borne to repeat it?”
Has Donald Trump totally lost his sanity? I can agree with “what part of illegal don’t you
understand,” but has he not heard of the Japanese internment camps right here in the
United States? Yet, these same Japanese soldiers made up the most decorated unit in the
United States Army (the 442nd). Who is next…all Mexicans?
Does he not know about the Mexican/American Medal of Honor recipients?
How about all Catholics? All African-Americans? All Irish? Didn’t Mr. Trump ever hear of
the wall in Berlin…Russia’s version of anti-freedom?
And this is the same man some want to be President of the United States? Hitler started
with the Jews, then the Poles, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Holland, Norway then
France. Where would Mr. Trump stop…with all Democrats?
All Independents? All Peace and Freedom Parties, etc.? Would he fire them all?
We are a nation of immigrants that believe we are “One nation, under God, indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.
Are we not?

Building Community Relationships
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I recently attended the Rohnert Park Citizens’ Academy conducted by our local Department of Public Safety. The goal of the 10 evening classes was to enhance community relationships by educating a dozen “students” on what happens behind the badge. We learned details about police and fire procedures and asked questions about regulations governing the use of force, local tactics, and legal requirements in a variety of situations. Details on investigations, evidence handling, traffic statistics, impaired driving incidents, and many other activities helped us understand the magnitude of the tasks at hand.

The specifics were interesting and outlined the level of detail required of these professionals on a day-to-day basis, but the one thing that was most impressive about our public safety folks is that they are truly members of our community. They coach little league teams, attend family graduations, and volunteer their off-duty time to local groups. Each instructor expressed satisfaction with assigned tasks and the opportunity to be part of our city. I am thankful that we have these dedicated police and fire professionals serving Rohnert Park. I encourage others to attend a Citizens’ Academy in the future to learn more.

Andy Durkee
Rohnert Park

Andy Durkee
Rohnert Park