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School district havoc
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The Community Voice
It was disappointing, but not surprising, to learn that Robert Haley is wreaking havoc in his school district.  Although we do not have first-hand knowledge about what is happening at CRPUSD, we can speak with authority about our horrendous experiences when he was the superintendent of the St. Helena Unified School District.  
In 2009, our board appointed Haley as superintendent.  Over 110 people attended that meeting.  The board ignored the pleas of the community and hired Haley anyway.  The community reacted by recalling the school board.  Haley finally left the district, leaving behind a wake of destruction.  
There were 4 goals of the recall:  
1) Fiscal Responsibility.  We wanted to cut back on exorbitant legal fees, unnecessary administrative positions, excessive administrative salaries, and unwarranted early retirement benefits, rather than cutting back on important services such as special education.  
2) Better relationships.  We wanted to create a collaborative relationship between the district and the community where there was no retaliation or fear of retaliation.  
3)  Independent thinking.  We wanted a board that operated independently from the administration.  We knew that the board should lead Haley, not vice versa.
4) Accountability and Transparency.  We wanted to be timely informed of issues being addressed, and we wanted explanations.  
Please review our story on our blog at:  http://citizensforqualityed.blogspot.com  
We see a pattern.  Do you?  
Kevin Alfaro
Pavi Micheli Lawson
Jim and Alexandra Haslip
Kelly Rios
Diane Beltrami
Joanne Yates