Letters to the Editor
Campaign tactics irritate reader
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The Community Voice:
I am appalled with the behavior and talking points surrounding the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School Districtís race for the Board of Trustees.
Team Marc Orloffís true colors have come out. The latest Robo-call was so out of line and ignorant that I could not bear to listen more than 10-15 seconds. By repeatedly affiliating Mr. Leff Brown with a political party is pure desperation and by doing so states that those who oppose Mr. Brown must be of the other political party.
You do your party no favors with stunts like this. Our schools are supposed to be apolitical.
This latest gimmick sealed the deal for me. I will be contacting everyone with and without school-aged children in this district to vote for Leff Brown. That is Leff, not Leaf, as it was pronounced in the Robo-call.
Landman, Moore Cotatiís best choices
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The Community Voice:
John Moore and Mark Landman, both current Cotati City Council members, are doing a fantastic job for the City of Cotati.
They are both well-respected members of a variety of Sonoma County commissions, fiscally sound, hardworking and are positive volunteers in our community.
I encourage you to cast your vote for both of them. The most important thing for the City of Cotati is for all citizens to get out and cast a vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Itís important!
Barich sends thanks to the Cotati voters
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The Community Voice:
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the awesome voters in Cotati who took the time to chat with me on the campaign trail or just took my literature and gave me a nice smile or a handshake. I am humbled by your hospitality and interest in our townís future.
Win or lose this election, Cotati has once again real choices for city council. I made every possible attempt this season to make myself available to every single voter at least once. Let no one residing in Cotati say they don't know what the issues are facing Cotati, or where I stand or what I plan to do about them if elected.
I went to great lengths, as always, to explain who I am, my experience, my education, my track record and my 16 years of courage speaking the truth at city hall and to anyone else who would listen. I also took the time to listen carefully to you as well.
If elected, I plan to lead, not follow, no matter how much that may offend some people. City council governments should never strive to be a ďteamĒ all working together insisting on always reaching consensus. That's a Soviet model of government and a proven recipe for disaster. A great city council is made up of people who represent a variety of interests and ideas who will challenge each other to set courses going forward. They may not, or will not, always agree. But that's the essence of politics. At times, a council may even need to investigate matters from the past that need a serious second look and question their own actions, but only if their egos allow it.
For those voters who want bought and paid-for politicians, politicians who will speak from both sides of their mouths, politicians hell bent on kicking the can down the road, spending every dollar they can get their hands on, or will do or say whatever it takes to win, I gladly give you my opponents in this race. For me, to win by changing my colors or misstating the facts is not an honorable victory. To those citizens who value freedom, private property rights, excellence in government, keeping Cotati small and charming, lower tax rates, helping businesses thrive, and want real political diversity and healthy debate on our town council for a change, I offer to represent you on our town council.
For those who have recently engaged in dirty politic tricks of all sorts to win, to the newspaper reporters and editors who refuse to write and publish an unbiased story about me, let me say this: You can attempt to neutralize and destroy the opposition, but you can never destroy ideas.
Time to vote out Landman, Moore
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Time to vote out
Landman, Moore
The Community Voice:
When you drive into Cotati from the north, you see weed-filled empty lots. Drive a little further, and you see sad, half-empty shopping centers.
You almost saw a huge traffic jam on a street that was choked with two roundabouts, but in 2012, voters stood up and said no. Itís time to say no again. Say no to city council members Mark Landman and John Moore, who think itís fine to pay a city manager over $216,000 in salary and benefits. Say no to council members who kept Oliverís from building an $18-million store on that empty lot.
Say no to council members who said the Measure G tax increase was for the police, then signed a $2 million contract with Siemens Industry two weeks later.
Was it for more police or better streets? No. It was for new water meters that could raise your water bill every month. There are more reasons to say no to Landman and Moore. Ask anyone who has tried to operate a business in Cotati. If you care about your town, say no to Landman and Moore. Vote Barich and only Barich.
The endless loop Ė George Barich
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The Community Voice:
Itís the endless loop. Every two years George Barich runs for Cotati City Council and loses. Every two years someone says, ďgive him a chance,Ē and ďletís try something new.Ē
Once I agreed; why not give George a chance? In 2008, I helped him get elected and the voters gave him his chance. Sorely disappointed, I helped recall him in 2009. Hereís some reasons why he shouldnít get a second chance. George Barich thinks he is always right. He thinks anyone who takes a city paycheck or sits on the council (or simply disagrees with him) is a legitimate target for his public smears.
He talks a good game about his willingness to stand up for the little guy but puts his major effort into the blame game. His world is full of enemies and he canít keep his friends. I once counted him as a friend. I nodded as he portrayed himself as the most honest man in Cotati. Then, I heard him flat-out lie before an official commission for no other reason than to protect himself. I had witnessed the incident in question; he was lying. Thatís George. An endless loop: Self-righteous for 16 years. Donít waste your vote on this man.
Teachers want Brown on board
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The Community Voice:
Iíve been a teacher in Cotati-Rohnert Park for 12 years. The PTA hosted a Candidates Forum this past September for community members to know candidates running for school board. Thank you, PTA, for hosting this event because its purpose is important and beneficial. Itís amazing how oneís character can be revealed in such a forum.
This forum revealed Leff Brown is a man of integrity who is savvy with finances, smart about business, has provided a plethora of service to his community and cares undoubtedly for the families and staff in the schools. This forum also unfortunately revealed questionable behaviors in the other candidates.
Brown stayed loyal to the purpose of the forum: to inform the public of his qualifications for the position of school board. He was respectful to the other candidates for the duration of the forum and answered questions completely and authentically.
The Teachers Association has endorsed Leff Brown. Leff has been on the Cotati-Rohnert Park school board for 20 years. His longevity demonstrates his passion for education and commitment to his community. Leff strives for district transparency in making efforts to communicate information to the public at the board meetings. He asks questions. Leff knows how to read the budget. Heís an administrator for the Santa Rosa Fire Department and works with finances.
In fact, itís important someone on our school board has a background in finances to give valuable input and catch items that might be otherwise overlooked.
He cares about the safety of our students and the working conditions of our teachers. Teachers support Leff as the right choice for our community.