Letters to the Editor
Landman, Moore – Cotati’s best choices
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The Community Voice:
For those who value honesty, transparency, fairness, responsibility, accountability and civil discourse, there are two electable candidates for Cotati City Council: Mark Landman and John Moore.
Mark Landman has proved himself a capable leader and team worker who has Cotati’s interests at heart.
He is able to take the initiative, listen to all sides, make reasoned and reasonable decisions, solve problems and come up with solutions.
John Moore is well versed in Cotati’s issues, having been consistently active in the City of Cotati for many years and volunteered at a wide range of events.
Both Landman and Moore know and care about Cotati and its residents.
The third candidate comes with a big red flag warning: “Voters, Beware!”
George Barich was on the city council once – as he never fails to remind everyone – but only for a short time. His shocking performance caused him to be recalled in a special election in 2009.
This perennial candidate criticizes and harangues.
He can be charming and his words may seem plausible at first, but to discover the truth you must dig a little deeper, question his interpretation of the facts and look at his actions.
For decent, reasonable discussion at City Hall and actions that focus on the needs and future of Cotati and its residents, vote for Mark Landman and John Moore.
Barich should get another chance
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The Community Voice:
As I drive around Cotati, I see a lot of George Barich for City Council yard signs. Obviously he has support in the community as well as his share of enemies. In the interest of government by the people and for the people, maybe it is time for the voters of Cotati to give George Barich another chance on the Cotati City Council.
Why George Barich? His opponents this year are running on the slogans “Keep Cotati Moving Forward” and “Cotati needs Moore,” but why should we the people vote for these incumbents? All one has to do is take a look around and witness economic growth and new construction next door in Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Santa Rosa and just about everywhere else in Sonoma County but not here in Cotati.
What happened to economic growth and new construction in Cotati? Where do I start? How about with roundabouts? The proposed Oliver’s shopping center never happened because the incumbents on the council insisted on having roundabouts that we the people were against and eventually voted out of existence once and for all. Change is desperately needed at city hall.
It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We can keep voting for incumbents and nothing is going to change or we can make a change with George Barich, stir things up and see what happens.
Let’s do something different this time.
If elected to the council, George will either find a way to make a difference or be one and done. I am willing to take that chance and so should you. There really is only one vote for Cotati City Council this year and it’s George Barich.
A vote for anyone else is a vote for stagnation.
Farrell a good choice for board
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The Community Voice:
I believe that Tracy Farrell would make a great addition to our school board. She is a great businesswoman, substitute teacher, mom and PTA board member.
She believes in doing what's right and stands by her decisions. She really cares about our kids and their learning environment. Tracy is honest, trustworthy and has good values. She also has many new and fresh ideas to bring to the table. Our district would be lucky to have her as a member of the school board.
Voter says no to Stafford, Ahanotu
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The Community Voice:
After perusing the sample ballot and considering the nominees for Rohnert Park City Council, I had a “light bulb” moment: AHA, NOT U, Amy! As for Pam, she is the one candidate we can leaST AFFORD. So me thinks that new blood with new vision is the only way to go: David Grundman for City Council.
Rohnert Park’s fine the way it is now
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The Community Voice:
What is the matter with Rohnert Park staying a sleepy little bedroom community. I’m retired. I like peace, quiet and convenience.
I love it that I can travel no more than two miles to get to whatever store or service I need. Lure Trader Joe’s into Rohnert Park, and I’ll never have to leave town.
We don’t need to imitate other cities that have been around for a century. Why can’t we be satisfied with what we have and what we are…a good place to live.
RCHS blessed to have Laurel Aiona
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The Community Voice:
Thank you so much for this beautiful article on my dear friend, colleague and sister of ALOHA! Ms. Laurel Aiona has captured the minds and hearts of many students from Rancho Cotate High School through the years. There were times when they, the students, needed a safe, creative, expressive and thoughtful environment to communicate their rough times either at home, school or work. Laurel’s classroom was the place and outlet for many of these young struggling teens.
We really have been blessed by her teaching methods, her patience and her sincere heart to bring out the best for the future leaders of our communities and society.
She is definitely a treasure and will be a keeper of RCHS Cougar pride in my book for a long, long time.
Parent troubled by board president
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The Community Voice:
I am an out-of-district parent of a student who attends Credo High School in Rohnert Park. I attended the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 21, and was shocked by President Mark Orloff’s actions. I urge all parents, students and voters to watch the video of the CRPUSD Board of Trustees meeting last night. You can watch the video at www.crpusd.org (go to departments and then to video streaming). As an observer, the meetings seemed to be run by Trustee Orloff as a dictator rather than as the president of an elected board made up of five representatives.
First, he provided time for his wife to essentially deliver a campaign speech on his behalf, which only serves to demonstrate to me that Trustee Orloff, faced with substantial opposition due to his negative campaign tactics and lack of leadership, couldn’t find anyone besides his wife to stand in public and support him. But even more troubling was his management of the public comment period. After 23 minutes of public comment, Trustee Orloff abruptly cut off public comment, claiming that it had run too long and moved to a break, even though there were just three others waiting their opportunity to address the board. Trustee Orloff’s actions only served to provide additional evidence to support many of the speakers’’ conclusions: that he is not the type of leader your community needs, that he has brought divisiveness and disgrace to the board and that his is failing your community as a Trustee. One speaker even called for his immediate resignation. Watch for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.
Charlie Schaupp getting her vote
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The Community Voice:
During this election cycle, I’ve heard many of my friends and family say there is no reason to vote because their vote won’t make a difference. As an American citizen, I feel it is our obligation and it is our privilege that we vote and stay vigil. When I study the candidates and try to decide whom I want to vote for, regardless of party, I look for someone who has the knowledge and the life experiences to make informed and honest decisions once in office.
Charlie Schaupp is that candidate. I’ve had the privilege to meet Charlie as well as many of you who met him recently while walking precincts in Rohnert Park. Charlie served 28 years in the U.S. Marines, including Desert Storm and the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq. He has hands-on experience in farming and understands soil, water and resources. He has served as trustee on his local School Board and the Community Services District Board in his home town. Charlie is running in the 4th Assembly District.