Letters to the Editor
Resident opposes new City Hall
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The Rohnert Park City Council has always been a place apart – like when it’s 8:00 here, it’s 1953 there. But now they’ve gone just bat-poo crazy. Another new city hall?!! We’re still breaking in the “old” new one. And the one before that is still standing empty at Avram and Commerce. It is sheer lunacy to take a windfall $6 million and squander it on this outrageously unnecessary project. Especially when there are so many things Rohnert Park needs for which we’ve been waiting to get financing. When’s the next election? We need to turn these clowns out before they do some real damage.
Thank you
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Dan and I would like to thank the Founders Day Committee and the City of Rohnert Park for doing a superb job on the Founders Day Event. Their efforts and enthusiasm to create a spirit of community is greatly appreciated. With so many deserving community leaders, we were humbled and honored to have been chosen to be the Grand Marshals of the parade. It is something remembered and cherished. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Vera Blanquie,
President of the
Education Foundation and
Daniel Blanquie, Planning Commissioner Chair/EFCRP Board Member