Netherda, Pumas power past Cougars 34-28  Uploaded October 18, 2014 03:33 pm

The Rohnert Park City Council, at its meeting Tuesday, Oct. 14, passed a new mitigation fee for property owners on the Wilfred-Dowdell parcel. The fee, dubbed a Public Safety Fee, is divvied up by acreage and must be paid in order for any building permits to be issued.

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Cougars Conquer Cardinals in Classic

Rancho Cotati QB Gunner Mefferd can't contain his excitment after the Cougars out together a late rally to defeat Cardinal...Read More

Fun at Oktoberfest

Jan Bartolo, of Sebastopol, and Robert Nellessen, of Essen, enjoy dancing to some German music at the Cotati Oktoberfest held...Read More

How do you feel about dirty tactics in local elections?
Dirty tactics have been around since the beginning of time and are not going away, so I have no problem with them.
Mixed would be nice if all politics were above board, but nasty tactics make political campaigns interesting.
Distortion of the truth, false accusations and political slander have no place in local elections and turn off the electorate.