The Wealth of Health
Antibiotics prior to dental treatment may not be needed

By George Malkemus

If you have had to take antibiotics prior to dental treatment because of your heart condition, you may not need to any more.  The recent guidelines from the American Heart Association recommend not taking antibiotics... Read More

Time for a deeper look at Downtown RPís future

By Jud Snyder

NOBODY ASKED ME BUT absolutely the most vital and telling comment I’ve heard out of city hall concerning Downtown RP was, “One of the more abstract but important parts of a downtown environment is a... Read More

Spotlight on Seniors
How to prepare the elderly for an earthquake

By Julie Ann Anderson

So often as Californians when we feel a little earth shakin’ below our feet, we freeze and wait to see if it becomes stronger, indicating we need to duck and cover.

In my house I know... Read More

Can stocks maintain their momentum after QE3 ends?
By Ken Weise

“Easing without end” will finally end. According to its June policy meeting minutes, the Federal Reserve plans to wrap up QE3 (Quantitative Easing) this fall. 

Barring economic turbulence, the central bank’s ongoing stimulus effort will conclude... Read More

Deferred student loans put mortgage chances in jeopardy
By Scott Sheldon

The cost of your education isn’t just interest you pay on student loans. No, in fact, another type of cost also lurks in the mix – mortgage ineligibility. A deferred student loan usually will be... Read More

California Focus
Thereís no escaping state government corruption

By Thomas D. Elias

To some, it seems almost as if California has lately become New Jersey West. Incidents of possible corruption and conflict of interest are seemingly exposed at least once a month these days, with almost no... Read More