December 12, 2017
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Jud Snyder
Itís good to hear that those ghostly Quiet Zones have a life
December 8, 2017

WELL IT’S GOOD TO HEAR that SMART commute railroad finally got its longed-  for Quiet Zones in place. It took quite a while to accomplish this. 

The rule says in a news release from the City of Rohnert Park, “the horn will not blow in any intersection in the City of Rohnert Park.”  I wondered if this includes RP Expressway and Southwest Blvd. But a quick call to a dear friend on Carlita Circle told me she’s heard no horns since Nov. 21, so this means her dogs no longer have trains to bark at. 

You might have to call this a 99 percent Quiet Zone setup for the SMART train engineer still has the option of using his or her horn if he or she sees a potential danger they can blow the train whistle. After all, you can’t just nudge them out of the way. 

Best advice is Do NOT make an illegal crossing of the railroad tracks just because it’s a short-cut you could cause a noisy interruption of a loud train horn and upsetting all Quiet Zones. This applies to animals, too…

As it applies, the Quiet Zone now includes both RP Expressway crossings and down approximately north from the traffic roundabout down near the Post Office, in Penngrove, Cotati and any stops in between.  Santa Rosa and Petaluma are designing their own Quiet Zones. 

It all reminds me of that movie (forgot its title) about a group of USAF bombers captured by the Nazis and held in a POW camp somewhere in Germany.

They escaped by digging a tunnel and carrying the dirt out past the guards, not the brightest Nazis in the camp obviously. It was eventually made into a movie and then a TV series. Somebody will tell me when the movie was made and boosted the career of William Holden.


I was impressed by the column in a Voice issue which needs added emphasis, so here goes -  “The strength in our community is our residents who stayed calm and supported us when we needed it most,” said Brian Masterson, director of Dept. of Public Safety for RP. “Thank you for what you do to make Rohnert Park a special community that cares and looks out for one another during critical incidents. The Department of Public Safety works best when we partner with our community. Well said, Brian.

…Congratulations to our new mayor, Pam Stafford, she earned the honor. Now we can wonder what she will do for an encore. The obvious step is to join the roiling throng of the State Assembly in Sacramento. They always could use fresh, new talent.

 We are looking for an explanation of “boutique Reverb-brand hotel” which Cotati has endorsed. A generous spread of photos on the front page of the Community Voice tells us nothing.