May 26, 2020
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Jud Snyder
One last word on elections
March 8, 2018

Rohnert Park’s City Council has been dithering and jittering around with homeowners turning their garages into pool table spaces, cozy spare apartments, play rooms for tots or pre-teens or homes for their teenagers or older to attend a junior college or university and still live at home at a modest rent. 


On another note:

We’ve slipped rather rapidly into 2018 and the only choice we have is to accept the changes and then figure out ways to fit them in our daily lives.

In most ways this new year resembles the last few months of 2017 in that we are still not sure what’s happening thanks to the man occupying the White House. He’s called POTUS for short, meaning President of the United States. 

The only difference is this year is an off year primary election taking place in November. What usually happens in this type of election is the party in power in November will take a beating in the polls and that means bad news for the Republicans. 

But there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over this election because of the governing style our POTUS uses to make his decisions. Despite this, there will be two or three city council members running for election honors in November 2018.