November 23, 2017
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Jud Snyder
October slowly crept by, will the same apply to November?
November 24, 2017

While you’re busy with plans about a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday weekend allow me to introduce into the discussion a few new, or mostly old, words I’ve accumulated.

They are bocce ball courts, outdoor skateboard rinks, a small pond near the SMART train shelter in RP and an extension of RP Expressway across Petaluma Hill Road on up to Crane Creek Regional Park. Oh, add in planning, park and rec, mobile home planners (name changed to rent appeals board) senior advisory and sister cities committees.

I’m not sure about city council. All I know is there will be one in RP along with a marijuana rules vote in Cotati, both in November just recently and I hoped you who remembered, did vote. RP City Council members up for re-election or not running are Amy Ahanotu and Pam Stafford.

ACCORDING TO THE RP City Council agenda for Tuesday Nov. 14 these items were to be discussed. But they were written in formal City Hall-speak, which requires a translator, not me, to make them legible. It’s early in the game so there will be time to collect further details. 

What interests me most is the move of the RP Expressway across Petaluma Hill Road to connect with Crane Creek Regional Park. There’s a traffic light there already at the corner with SSU’s Green Music Center.

Crane Creek is rarely visited and it will be a few years before it gets western or eastern bound traffic beyond Petaluma Hill Road. But it will be ideal for bicyclists, horseback riders and pedestrian hikers when completed. 

When former City Manager Pete Callinan approved the naming of Seed Farm Drive and its connection to RP Expressway it would become flavored with the origins of the Rohnert family.

I honestly hope all my readers enjoy their Thanksgiving dinners.