April 8, 2020
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Performing Arts Theater Manager

Sheri Lee Miller
New updates for Spreckels
August 10, 2018


With the opening of the Spreckels Performing Arts Center 2018/19 theatrical season, you will see some exciting changes at your theater, all designed to enhance your experience at Spreckels! In addition to the new roof and HVAC system, there are new options and upgrades to the programming and services as well. Check out the ways Spreckels is moving forward with energy! 

In partnership with the Rohnert Park Community Center, Spreckels has expanded its education program to include skill-building classes for adults and youth. From singing to costuming to stage combat, Spreckels is demonstrating a commitment to arts education, bringing fun and challenging theatre arts education to the community. In addition to the new classes, a second summer camp has been added for younger actors. 

Ticketing is more user-friendly with our new box office system, effective September of 2018. Patrons will be able to choose their own seats, purchase tickets and make donations online. Also new in ticketing: Subscriptions have been streamlined and offer money-saving options designed to give you the full breadth of the Spreckels professional season while saving you money. There are additional perks, including a free, lidded beverage cup that you can take with you into the theater. No more gulping down that hot coffee or wine in order to enter the theater. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can purchase a cup for only $3 and bring it back with you each time you visit Spreckels. 

And speaking of concessions…The concessions counter has received a little face-lift. You’ll see new, healthy and savory options in addition to all the treats you currently enjoy. And you can now purchase everything with a credit or debit card.

One of the most exciting new offerings is the opportunity for supporters to become inaugural members in a new Membership Program. Based on contribution level, donors receive special recognition and swag while helping Spreckels continue to bring the best in live entertainment to the community. Member donation keeps Spreckels flourishing with work that inspires, educates and entertains tens of thousands of people every year. Membership donor levels are named for theatrical superstitions. (Did you know that peacock feathers, mirrors and a trio of candles are all bad luck on stage? Or why actors are called thespians?) In addition to various gifts and perks, all donors receive the full history of eight of these traditions. Theatre folks are a superstitious lot! 

To check out the new season, or for more information on how you can become more involved with Spreckels, either as a member, subscriber, student or volunteer (or all four!), please check out Spreckels online at Or give us a call at the box office at 707.588.3400.

Sheri Lee Miller is the artistic director and performing arts center supervisor for the Spreckels Theatre in Rohnert Park.