May 26, 2020
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Public Safety

Brian Masterson
School traffic safety
August 17, 2018

As the 2018-2019 school year rapidly approaches, we would like to offer some reminders to ensure our students and drivers remain safe.

Always drop your students off in a designated unloading zone. It is important to pull all the way over and unload safely. Do not let your passengers open the door and jump out of the car and run to the curb.  This is extremely dangerous.

When driving in a school zone, the speed limit is ALWAYS 25 miles per hour. Merely increasing your speed by 10 miles per hour will increase your stopping distance 60 feet. This is even more dangerous if you are driving distracted. Please adhere to the 25 MPH speed limit. Did you know the fences have been removed from Tech Middle School? This means the speed limit on Southwest Boulevard and Burton Avenue is 25 MPH while any school activity is in session. The school zone is clearly marked by signs.

Distracted driving involves more than using an electronic device while driving. It also involves having conversations, music, animals, etc. It is important we avoid cognitive distractions as well by focusing our attention on driving safely.

Bicyclists need to wear helmets securely fastened and obey the rules of the road. Use traffic control devices when crossing the road and make sure motorists see you. Wear reflective clothing or items on backpacks to increase your visibility on the road way. It is a crime to ride/walk on the SMART train tracks not to mention extremely dangerous. Do not cross the tracks except where designated and follow all traffic devices when crossing. NEVER cross around the crossing arms when they are down. The train is moving faster than you think and cannot stop as fast as you would want.  

Rohnert Park is a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. We encourage motorists and bicyclists to share the road so everyone reaches their destinations safely. We know from previous years that traffic will be congested around the schools including the roadways leading up to them. Public Safety suggests you leave 15 minutes earlier than normal for the first week of school to give drivers time to acclimate to the changing conditions in our community. We look forward to working with the community in keeping it safe as our student population gets back into the swing of things this school year!

SSU students return

As we all enjoy a warm summer in Rohnert Park, we are also welcoming new and returning Sonoma State University students. Rohnert Park is fortunate to have a respected and beautiful university in our community which brings thousands of students who add to the diversity in our city. Many of these students live off campus in our neighborhoods along with senior citizens, families with young children and professionals who enjoy a good quality of life in Rohnert Park.

SSU students are vital to many of the local businesses and we appreciate how they help our local economy. Many of these young adults are seeking education as a means to obtain degrees that will give them a foundation for careers in many different fields and professions. Most of our students grew up in towns that are very similar to Rohnert Park and they feel comfortable in our neighborhoods.

We all know that in many communities there are times when neighbors do not get along and on occasion the police are called in to resolve a problem. A large percentage of students who live off campus understand the importance of being a good neighbor and do their best to ensure their social activities do not disturb their neighbors. In years past, we have had some issues with parties or disturbances. Some of these incidents were alcohol related and we are called in to resolve the situation; therefore, we recommend students who are 21 and older be responsible with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Your experiences in Rohnert Park help to shape your future and your resume will attest to your academic achievements. We want to remind students that excessive partying could result in arrests, which will affect your chances in achieving that dream job.  

Stay safe and enjoy your school year and the surrounding community. You are our neighbors and we want to welcome you back!