May 30, 2020
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
We need to do more
April 3, 2020

If you’re getting tired of walking laps around your yard, and your eyes are red from binge watching your favorite Netflix series, you’re not alone. I’m grateful for the efforts our community is making and continues to make to shelter in place. As you all are aware we’re in a critical period in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. The actions you are taking now, or lack thereof, are a vital component to flattening the curve. We need you to do more.

A month ago if someone mentioned “flattening the curve” you probably thought they were referencing the latest diet craze. We now know that “flattening the curve” refers to slowing the spread of infectious disease. The curve represents the amount of people that are infected at any given moment. The steeper the curve, the shorter the virus duration; however, the fear is that a steep curve would likely exhaust medical resources. By flattening the curve the amount of infected individuals, at any given moment, is reduced allowing our medical professionals to better provide care for the community. There are several great resources available about flattening the curve. One of my favorite is courtesy of PBS, available at

As you’ve already heard, our community has been seeing a steady increase in the rate of coronavirus cases. We need you to do more. We need you to limit your errands to only essential tasks, such as to pick up groceries, takeout food or prescriptions. When you are running an errand, be sure to keep 6-feet from other people and make sure to apply a hand sanitizer soon after. 

Our local hospitals are preparing for a surge in coronavirus cases, and we need you to do more. At lightning speed, medical staff are procuring supplies in collaboration with county officials to secure alternate care sites. We all have to work together. Stay home. Every task done outside the home, puts you, your family and our community at greater risk. I know it’s a challenge - we’re an active bunch. Did you know that if we didn’t practice social distancing or shelter in place, one person will infect over 400 others in a month? Please join me in doing all we can to flatten the curve. 

On a final note, I know this shelter-in-place routine is a challenge. The change in routines and uncertainty can cause stress. Make sure to take time for yourself. Soak in some healing rays from the sun, take deep breaths, even do a little dance – we’re all in this together. We too, will recover together. 

Please do everything you can to flatten the curve. Be well.