October 23, 2019
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
Watching for water leaks
June 7, 2019

Water consumption. Whether you are adjusting your irrigation schedule, filling up a pool or fountain, getting out the slip-n-slide, or recently noticed a water leak, the start of summer makes this a good time to talk about water consumption. Water consumption directly affects your bill and we don’t want you to be alarmed if it is higher than you’re expecting. 

Leaks are one of the more common reasons for surprises in water bills. Because they are often silent or invisible sometimes the only time a homeowner learns about a leak is when they get a high water bill. Detecting and repairing leaks are the responsibility of the property owner when it occurs on their property or their side of the water meter. 

If you discover a leak, we will adjust your bill if your consumption was at least 50 percent higher than previous years. You will need to complete a high water usage form with documentation within two months of knowledge of a leak, repair the leak, show that consumption has returned to normal and show no evidence of willful or negligent action. On average, the adjustment processes take about two months. To find out more about how to check for leaks or download the Report of High Water Usage form, visit

Increases in irrigation, installation of a pool or fountain and water play do not qualify for an adjustment bills. We recommend that if you will be filling a pool or fountain that you let us know. 

Around-town summer construction. We’d like to give you a heads up on upcoming construction projects: 


We will continue to install devices on traffic lights that will allow fire engines to pre-empt red lights on Rohnert Park Expressway and Golf Course Dr. traffic signals, from Labath to Country Club Dr.


Pathway & Sidewalk Improvement project is currently impacting various paths through the city and is expected to finish in Sept. Paths scheduled for construction include Coleman, Copeland, Five, Crane and Hinebaugh Creek paths; Camino Colegio and Caterpillar Park paths; and Labath sidewalk. This work is being done to improve pavement conditions.


Sunrise Park Parking Lot & Pathway Improvements Project will impact Sunrise Park visitors. 

Party On the Plaza & Farmers’ Market. The farmers’ market is opening today and the wet winter provided farmers with an abundance of produce. Come enjoy dinner, live music and family games while shopping for fresh veggies and other farmers’ market offerings.  Our kick-off Party On the Plaza & Farmers’ Market celebrates our 10-year anniversary with a full line-up of great bands both new and returning. Come on over to 500 City Center Drive from 5-10 p.m. every Fri. (excluding July 5) through Aug. 30. 

See the full Party On the Plaza schedule below.

Jun 14Blues Mothers: All Female Blues Brothers Tribute

Jun 21 HOTS: Driving Rock

Jun 28Choppin Broccoli: 80s Tribute

Jul 5 NO MARKET | Independence Day Weekend

Jul 12 Soul Section: Rock & Soul Horn Band

Jul 19 Dirty Cello: Female led rock/blues/bluegrass Cello

Jul 26 Rock & Roll Rhythm Review: Female led Rock, Jump Blues & Rockabilly

Aug 2 Levi Lloyd & Friends: Rockin Blues

Aug 9 Country Night | Third Rail: Female led New & Old Country

Aug 16 Igniters: Classic Rock

Aug 23 Reggae Night | Un Amour Bank: Positive Reggae

Aug 30 Poyntlyss Sistars: Female Led 50s – 90s Dance Music