February 27, 2020
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City of Rohnert Park

Mary Grace Pawson
Traffic and Trader Joe’s
June 22, 2018

Last year’s community survey showed that increased traffic and congestion is a major concern for our community. The combination of a healthy, growing local economy and relocations from last October’s fires has resulted in different traffic patterns and increased delays in some areas. In order to maintain a high quality of life in Rohnert Park, we are investing in a number of projects to improve traffic flow, with a particular focus on signalized intersections.  This effort includes coordination with CalTrans, which operates key traffic signals on Rohnert Park Expressway and Golf Course Drive.  

In late May, the city completed the initial coordination and retiming of traffic signals on Rohnert Park Expressway, from Redwood Drive to Snyder Lane and on Golf Course Drive from Redwood Drive to Fairway Drive. This work, completed in partnership with CalTrans, should improve the flow of traffic on both of these major corridors. 

This work is also the first step in a more comprehensive effort to update our signals and utilize computerized controls to improve performance. We are currently monitoring the retiming effort and have made several adjustments to enhance the flow of traffic. Monitoring and adjustments will continue as we work to fine-tune our system.

In late May the city also received proposals from three vendors to provide us with an Advanced Traffic Management System. This management system will allow for real-time adaptive control of our signalized intersections. The city plans to implement this system along the Rohnert Park Expressway and Golf Course Drive corridors. Implementing the Advanced Traffic Management System will require upgrades to the hardware associated with our traffic signals along with purchasing the software system to control the signals. City staff is currently evaluating the proposals with a goal of having the system in place later this summer. 

Finally, the City’s Capital Improvement Program for this year includes funding to modify the intersection at Golf Course Drive and Redwood Drive to add a second left turn lane at this busy intersection. This added capacity will allow us to better manage the flow of traffic from Golf Course Drive and the Highway 101 off-ramp onto Redwood Drive. This project is in design and we plan to initiate construction later this year. 

These related projects will provide us with more traffic capacity at a key intersection and a greater ability to utilize the capacity we have to better serve the needs of our community. As always, we appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we implement these projects and look forward to improving g service to our vibrant and growing community. 

Trader Joe’s: 

When we ask residents  what  business they would most like to see in Rohnert Park, the overwhelming favorite is Trader Joe’s. They’ve shown interest in coming here and we have strongly encouraged them to open here. Trader Joe’s says that being wanted matters to them, and we invite you to help. To encourage them to come to Rohnert Park, you can visit their website and make a request at: A few clicks could make all the difference!