August 22, 2019
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
School Resource Officer
February 15, 2019

We’re excited to congratulate Officer Gina Piccinini on her new assignment as our School Resource Officer. In this role, she will serve as a mentor, friend, and confidant for students. SRO Piccinini understands the important role she will play as she builds bridges and ensures a safe environment for our students and staff.  Officer Piccinini brings with her a genuine commitment to that role. Her office will be located at the Rancho Cotate High School campus; however, she will be working with all the schools.

 The City Council, Public Safety Department, and I were excited to move this program forward. This position is a great tool to strengthen the relationship between schools, students and our public safety department.  

Student ambassador 

Did you know that we have a sister city? It is Hashimoto, Japan. The city’s Sister Cities Relations Committee is a group of five members whose purpose is to foster international understanding and friendship through exchanges of people, artifacts and ideas with citizens of foreign cities and to develop an increased appreciation of cultural diversity in order to better understand one’s own culture.

The committee has selected Kori Lacy from Technology High School to participate as this year’s Rohnert Park Student Ambassador. Kori will be sent to Hashimoto, Japan in March 2019. Hashimoto has also selected their student ambassadors and Rohnert Park will host two students March 24 through April 1. We look forward to acquainting Hashimoto’s Student Ambassadors to all the fun, beauty and friendliness our city has to offer.

For additional information about the committee, contact Nelle Herman, Community Services Supervisor and Sister Cities Committee Staff Liaison at 588-3477.

Rate the city

The Community Survey is in full swing and we’ve received over 1,300 responses so far. We’d love to hear how to better serve our residents. Your responses help us align our priorities with yours. The survey closes at the end of Feb. so don’t miss out!  

Brrr! drive safe

Wet weather makes our roadways slippery and dangerous. We want to remind drivers and pedestrians to be careful of slippery roadways and walkways. Be particularly cautious of standing water during heavy rain. Be sure to give yourself extra distance from other drivers and additional time to reach your destination.

Continuing homeless efforts

We’re continuing to help those experiencing homelessness by building our relationship with Committee on the Shelterless (COTS). Our hope is that by partnering with COTS we can join forces to better help those experiencing homelessness. We recently were introduced to COTS’ new Outreach Specialist, Cecely Kagy. We’re excited for Cecely to join the COTS team. Her extensive background as a former psychiatric nurse, with a strong understanding of the homeless population, is a true asset to the team. She will be making the rounds throughout the city to get a first-hand look at the circumstances in Rohnert Park. 

Downtown update

We’ve heard concerns from some residents about the removal of trees from the Station Avenue site (formerly the home of State Farm). We understand these concerns. We are working to preserve as many trees as possible. The developer will plant many new trees. Also, the developer will use wood from the redwood trees on site where possible (within the park as benches, for example) while donating some to local school wood shops. 

The project will include over two acres of parks – including some of the existing redwood trees and a plaza of over one acre. We expect these spaces to nicely complement the shops and restaurants that so many residents have requested for years.