July 25, 2017
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Jud Snyder
Rohnert Park’s skate park makes news
July 6, 2017

There have been several examples of enthusiasm for skaters; prior requests went quickly to the RP City Council where they were sub-studied to a vanishing point.

Following the usual practice, they tossed the concrete skate park into the lap of John McArthur, Director of Public Works. The work is just beginning to make it a valid issue. The word “possibility” is in the Voice headline and McArthur has talked about budget and exterior configurations. 

Said McArthur, “The rink status is that it could be a million -dollar concrete structure or a landscaped pre-fab structure.

“We don’t want to bury it in a wooded spot away from foot traffic and subject to vandalism.” According to McArthur, the process could take place within a few months and then the funding campaign starts. 

There was talk years ago when the vacant lot south of Spreckels Performing Arts Center and close to Rancho Cotate High School would be a good location. But nothing ever happened for this site.

Meanwhile, a roller skater’s dream (Cal Skate, located at 6100 Commerce Blvd.) is equipped with skate and shoe rentals, recorded music of various tempos, plenty of fresh-made refreshments and adequate room for car and pickup truck parking. It changed the skating habits of a new generation of skaters.

THE ADDITION OF ROLLER skating teams, mostly female, in brief costumes battling on the indoor rink, became popular features with skaters and non-skaters alike. That alone didn’t change the scenario for roller skate designers got busy with new and colorful shapes with various shoe heels appealing to a nationwide mixed generation of skaters.