April 24, 2018
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Public Safety

Brian Masterson
If I Were a Thief…
April 13, 2018


Have you ever found your car broken into or that property has been stolen from your unlocked vehicle?

90 percent of thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity. To lessen the chance of being a crime victim, Rohnert Park Public Safety will be implementing a program to reduce thefts from vehicles. We want you as residents of our community to avoid the headaches and anguish that occurs when you become a victim of a crime.

Last year during the weekends there were 75 thefts from vehicles. This constitutes the largest number of thefts in the entire city. The residential area of A Section, B Section and the parking lot around Reading Cinemas were the hardest hit. 

In keeping with our goal of crime prevention and education, we are starting a program called “If I Were a Thief” throughout the city.

The “If I Were a thief” program entails department personnel looking inside vehicles to see if anything is visible that might be tempting to a thief. All vehicles that are checked by officers will receive a notice of the same size and color. If nothing is seen then a notice saying, “Great job” will be left. If something is seen that would provoke a potential theft and/or break-in, a notice will be left stating, “You would now be a victim.”  

I strongly encourage you to lock your vehicles and not leave valuables in plain sight. Please do your part and keep your gym bags, purses, laptop bags, backpacks, tools and other items that would attract a thief out of view. We want everyone to recognize the importance of preventing crime and keeping our neighborhoods and shopping centers safe. We want everyone to receive a “Great job” notice.


The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety is committed to keeping you safe and making Rohnert Park the safest city along the 101 corridor.  

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Rohnert Park Public Safety Sgt. Keith Astley at 584-2600.

Weed Control: We’re now officially in the spring season and it’s time to start thinking about weed control. We urge you to be a step ahead of weed growth spurts and control weeds on your property. The city has an employee dedicated to identifying problem properties; however, we need your help.  We hear from residents about properties that are overgrown with weeds and we encourage owners to do the right thing – and they usually do. Report overgrown weed concerns to 588-2249, email to, or report it online at 

We require that all weeds that are large, pose a fire threat, or are otherwise noxious or dangerous are to be removed prior to May 1. For additional information about the City’s weed abatement program contact our Fire Division at 584-2641.