June 16, 2019
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
Downtown project underway
December 14, 2018

One of the best things happening in Rohnert Park is that a downtown is on its way. The key project, on the former site of the State Farm property, is known as Station Avenue. It will include a walkable mix of restaurants, shops, offices and housing adjacent to the SMART station.

The city council approved the project last month and we issued a demolition permit earlier this month. Thus, any day now we can expect the developer to begin removing trees near the existing building then demolishing and recycling the building itself. The developer will replace all trees that they remove throughout the project with new trees on the property. For more information on the downtown development visit

I am very excited to see progress toward fulfilling the #1 request from our residents on what you would like to see change in Rohnert Park.

Bella Creek Housing project beginning

A 92-unit apartment complex adjacent to city hall, known as Bella Creek, is just getting underway. The project will include seven affordable apartments. Last week the developer started by removing some trees. As with Station Avenue, all of these trees will be replaced with new trees as part of the project.

S.T.O.P. program helps Grandma not get run over by a reindeer (or driver)

In March of this year, the Traffic Unit at Rohnert Park Public Safety implemented a new program called S.T.O.P. (Selected Traffic Operations Places) to identify areas for focused traffic enforcement. We started S.T.O.P. after seeing an increase in collisions in 2017, when speeding, stop sign and stop light violations were the leading factors in traffic collisions.

Since its inception in March, the S.T.O.P. program has increased the number of traffic stops conducted in our city by patrol officers. Officers are making a difference in educating drivers about their dangerous driving and issuing citations when necessary to affect change. We are seeing a difference in the targeted areas and have received many thankful comments from the residents in those areas. The mission is simple - if we all focus on enforcement in a specific area, we can make a big difference in that part of town.

The Traffic Units will continue to focus on reducing traffic-related injuries and complaints. As we receive traffic complaints from residents and gather statistics from our digital display signs from around town we will use this information to target our efforts and continue to pursue our goal of making Rohnert Park the “Safest City on the 101 Corridor.”

Home “fur” the holidays

The familiar smells and comfort of our home during the holidays is blissful. Being home for the holidays is important to our furry friends, too! The Rohnert Park Animal Shelter encourages you to show your pet you truly love him by having him microchipped and tagged so that he has a chance of being returned to you if he ever became lost. It gives someone who finds your pet a simple way to return him to you. And do you know the best part of getting a personalized ID tag and microchip? If you are a Rohnert Park or Cotati resident, it’s FREE! Bring your pet to the shelter during normal business hours and we can quickly pop a chip into your beloved dog or cat. No appointment is necessary for this procedure. Give us a call at 584-1582 for more details on how to make sure your pet is home for the holidays.