March 29, 2017
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Certified Nutritional Testing

Dawn Dolan
Donít let damp and rainy weather impact your health
January 26, 2017

Everyone’s attention is on the rainy weather and flood conditions that have been with us for a while now.  Roofs and windows are leaking, ground water is coming into crawl spaces under homes, and trees and fences are falling.  We have been in need of water, but these recent storms have provided more than our grounds can readily absorb and more than our drainage systems can handle.

With all of our attention being drawn to safety issues for home and travel, we may not be noticing some of the health issues that often arise with an excess of available water.  The most common problems involve standing water under the house and/or in your yard and general continuing dampness on walls, windows, attics and crawl spaces.  This allows for a fertile ground to grow molds and fungi. Think breathing problems and skin infections.

It is so very important to check all around your living space, working space and the car you ride in for any leaks and condensations. Fix whatever you can as soon as you can and dry up whatever you can as often as you need in order to keep things as dry and mold-free as possible.  

A bit of ongoing attention here will save things from getting worse and costing more to repair later.  

The unwanted health effects of the extended dampness and standing water won’t generally appear until sometime later.  The best ways to protect yourself and your family from breathing in mold spores or contacting some type of fungus as a skin rash is to be attentive to our environment.  Notice if any places have a musty smell or are damp or slippery to the touch.  Is your throat getting scratchy?  Are you suddenly sneezing a lot?  Does your chest feel heavy when you breathe? Do you have any red or white blotchy areas just suddenly appearing anywhere on your skin?


Dawn Dolan, MA, ACN has been a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu since 1990 and of   Acupoint Integrative Testing since 2004, a specialized modality developed by a microbiologist for ascertaining nutritional needs, boosting immune function and balancing hormones. She is an advocate for integrative health care, consulting with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. She can be reached by email at