June 1, 2020
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
Community survey
March 15, 2019

Starting in 2016, we have conducted an annual on-line survey of our residents. We’ve found the survey a great way for us to hear how we’re doing from those we work for. We are also always eager to hear what you think we could be doing differently. We’ve used the results to set priorities and improve our operations. The survey results are great feedback for us. I believe that feedback to us is like water to a plant: we need it to grow. 

We just completed the latest survey, and I’m very pleased that close to 1,700 residents participated. The results show that 77 percent of residents believe we are headed in the right direction. This is the highest rating we’ve received compared to prior years. 

Overall, 76 percent of respondents rate the quality of life in Rohnert Park as excellent or good, 80 percent rate their neighborhood as an excellent or good place to live and 96 percent feel safe in their neighborhood during the day; these are all good signs.

The city scored particularly well in the overall impression of Fire Services, with an approval rating of 94 percent. Animal Shelter services positive ratings aren’t far behind at 90 percent. Ratings for overall pavement condition of city streets has seen a growing number of “excellent” or “good” responses since 2016. 

On the other hand, the areas identified as needing the greatest amount of improvement included traffic flow and enforcement on major streets, homelessness and street repair (including potholes). We’ve been growing and it’s no surprise that our city services are being impacted. We will use this feedback to improve our services to the community. Our goal is to see a decrease in dissatisfaction in next year’s survey results. Stay tuned for a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of the survey results – and what we’re doing to respond to concerns in an upcoming column. 

Detailed survey results were recently presented to the city council and are available on our website at I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those who provided feedback to help our community improve. 

Barbecue apocalypse

Three couples gather on the back deck of a modest suburban home for a midsummer barbecue. The hosts, Mike and Deb, struggle with feelings of inadequacy about their decor, their clothes, their careers, their culinary skills and pretty much everything else. The superficial, neuroses-laden squabbles abound until the group discovers the rest of the world has been falling apart…. literally...during their barbecue. For these complacent suburbanites, the end is just the beginning. The performance directed by Larry Williams is showcased at Spreckels Performing Arts Center from March 29-April 20.