September 15, 2019
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City of RP

Director of Public Safety Tim Mattos
Chief Mattos introducing himself to RP Community
February 1, 2019

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the residents of Rohnert Park as your new Chief for the Department of Public Safety. I started with the city at the end of Dec. and very much appreciate the warm welcome from those of you I’ve had the opportunity to meet. 

I’d like you to know about my vision for the department and what you can expect from me. First and foremost, I see our Public Safety officers as the guardians of the community. For our policing, that includes preventing crime and responding quickly and professionally when trouble occurs. 

As we are also your fire department, protecting the community includes preventing fires and responding effectively when they happen. Most calls for fire services are related to medical needs and I expect our officers to demonstrate respect and compassion whenever called to assist. 

I strongly believe that we can best protect the community when we are a part of it. That starts with me as the chief. I have started to meet residents and with community groups and invite you to let me know if you’d like to get your neighbors together for a neighborhood meeting. 

Being part of the community also means that our police and fire officers need to connect daily with you, our residents – on the streets, at your businesses and at community events. We must consistently demonstrate a commitment to your well-being. Every call that we receive is important and I promise that all who need our assistance will be treated respectfully. Please hold me accountable for that – let me know if there’s something you see that needs correcting; you can reach me at 

One reason I’m confident that I can make a strong commitment to this community is the quality of people in the department that serve you. From our dispatchers and records team to our front-line officers, I am already very impressed with their passion for serving our residents. I know we’ve had some difficulties in the last year or so and you can be assured that I am taking steps to ensure that we are always highly professional. 

I should also note the strong support for public safety from the city council. In recent months they’ve approved additional funding that is helping us improve. We’ve added a K-9 officer and a new dog (Ori), and just recently assigned our officers to work in and closely with the schools – supporting and being available to our youth is one of the best things we can do to strengthen the community. We’ve also improved our handling of evidence and property and will soon be adding several lieutenant positions to improve our oversight and support for our officers. 

Personally, I’m living in Rohnert Park most of the time now. My wife and 11-year-old daughter will move here when the school year ends and I can’t wait for them to meet the great people that live in Rohnert Park as well.

I have a long history of volunteering wherever I live. For example, I’ve coached youth sports for years and currently am active in my daughter’s cheerleading activities. Family has always been the most important part of my life and I’m looking forward to putting down roots in a community that shares those values.