April 26, 2017
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Jud Snyder
Always room for another lawyer in California
February 23, 2017

AMONG MY SOUVENIRS atop my main bookcase is a chunk of fossilized lava from what was formerly known as volcanic Mt. Lassen. Nothing really exciting about fossilized liquid lava. But as a symbol it performs a function, for it reminds me of the SMART commute rail system trying its best to start train service from Airport Boulevard north of Santa Rosa to San Rafael. Eventually, the train will go to Larkspur Landing, where commuters can catch ferries to San Francisco.

Well, city leaders in San Rafael are “requesting” SMART to sit still for a year while it cleans the mess already created clearing a pass for SMART trains, which currently go only as far as the Marin County Administration building. I mean as long as the  path down to Larkspur Landing is cleared, why do San Rafael City Hall mavens want to sit on it for a year and then repeat the process one year later?

I’ve read the request over several times, and it still sounds vague. I guess because it’s written in typical large city jargon, which is a language all its own.


MOST OF US HAVE been taught when you have something built and it’s ready for hammer and nails, go ahead and build something before someone else grabs your cleaned-up territory. We were told if you want something built to get it done the fastest way possible because if you wait a year it’ll be even more expensive to build. Look at Gov. Jerry Brown furiously trying to find funding for drilling two tunnels, yes, digging two tunnels under The Delta so precious northern California with its reservoirs overflowing with water can be shipped  down to Fresno and Kern counties where water wells are running dry and the ground is sinking. Nobody told them, “Hey! the drought is over!” Now they’re finding out.

Maybe the San Rafael City Hall mavens have discovered a secret way of clearing rubble paths but they don’t want to reveal it until they can patent the system and sell it to other cities at a fabulous profit. Or maybe they have something against SMART commute trains, for what reason I have no idea. After all, a commuter train running down to Larkspur Landing from northern San Rafael would create all sorts of retail enterprises, construction jobs and malls en route.


THEN THERE’S A NEW man in the White House with his own method of running a country which seems to be irritating a lot of constitutional lawyers and media pundits, but the new man simply shrugs off and comes up with new derogatory labels to apply to their hides.  

A lady outside a shopping center gave me another reason why the San Rafael City Hall weather mavens were so vague in their request to keep SMART trains idle for another year. “Maybe those guys are secretly planning to jump aboard the Prop. 64 tax revenue wagon. They don’t want to tell anyone their plans until the whole marijuana thing settles down.”

“Yeah,” I think you’re right and with all the appeals, counter-appeals and trial delays, California will need to build more law schools.”

“Thank goodness I have a granddaughter going to law school.”