April 6, 2020
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City of RP Updates

Darrin Jenkins
A wide variety of programs coming for summer
February 28, 2020

While summer is still months away, we are already getting ready to offer a wide variety of programs for our residents, from swim lessons to summer camps. In addition to providing recreational opportunities, the summer also creates opportunities for summer jobs – and we are hiring now!

We’re looking for friendly and dependable candidates who enjoy being part of team and are eager to serve the community either in our aquatics programs or summer camps. In recent years the city’s summer recreational programs have expanded to serve a wider age range of participants with more diverse programs. To provide a safe and fun environment for our participants we typically hire approximately 20 new summer employees to supplement the 60-72 returning employees.  For most of our summer positions no prior experience is necessary, and we provide training. 

High school students are encouraged to apply – the minimum age is 15½ years old. These summer jobs are the perfect opportunity to gain employment experience, increase independence, and experience the satisfaction of earning some pocket money.  Many of our summer employees return year after year while they attend high school and college. Some eventually become full time employees in departments across the City.  

We are accepting applications for the following positions: Pool Cashier, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor and Community Services Leader. Complete job descriptions are on the city’s website at 

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding summer position, please apply today - or if you are the parent of a teenager you’d like to motivate to spend the summer engaged in meaningful activity, please encourage them to apply. Interviews are scheduled to occur in March.  Note to parents – teens must apply and complete the hiring process on their own. 

Speaking of recreation, I’d like to share a few of the new offerings in the winter/summer Recreation Guide. If you or a family member struggle with balance, the new Assisted Tai Chi class could help. Improve flexibility, strength, energy, and get a solid stand on life. Next session begins April 2. Join one of our new Yoga Extended Practice, Cultivating Winter Wellness sessions.  The practices of yoga are coupled with asana, chant, and meditation, to help you connect more deeply with all that yoga has to offer. Next session begins on March 7. Find these and many other exciting opportunities in the current Recreation Guide at

Around this time of year, we often get questions about the winter sewer average. The amount residents pay for sewer service is based on the amount of water used during the months of December, January, and February. These are typically the wettest months of the year. Outdoor watering is often shut off, and thus virtually all water used is released into the sewer system as wastewater.  The winter average is re-evaluated every year, and the new winter average is applied to residents’ accounts starting in April.  A decrease in usage during December, January, and February will lower the rate for the following year.  If the water usage during a billing period is ever less than the winter average, the sewer charges will be lower as well.  The winter sewer average reads typically are conducted the second week in February. Be on the lookout for your new average on your June statement.

Last call for our annual Community Survey. We’ve used the results to gauge how we’re doing, set priorities and improve our services. Do you feel we are headed in the right direction? What areas need improvement? Those are a couple of the questions in this year’s survey. I’m convinced, if you haven’t already taken the survey, it will only take a few minutes to complete. It might possibly be the easiest thing you can do to help your community. Visit prior to its close Sat., Feb. 29. I look forward to sharing survey results in a future column.