July 19, 2019
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What will Cotati be like in 20 years? Answers from around town-1983-Part I

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 26, 2018

Vito Paulekas-I think it’s going to retain its individuality. I think the people of Cotati are strong and so sensitive to its unique quality as a small community-an oasis in the midst of really terrible growth and congestion as in Rohnert Park and it looks as if there are going to be other communities springing up around the periphery of this oasis, but it’s strong enough in its community not to allow itself to be destroyed by sidewalks and all that kind of thing. Cotati is going to be better than ever 20 years from now. And it’s really out of sight now, you know that.

Michael Larrain-Unless we build a low yield nuclear weapon that would destroy Rohnert Park and leave Cotati life as we know it, it will probably not exist.

Chief Jerry Kohler-I don’t think there’ll be a tremendous change. I think we may bet a little bit larger, but I don’t think the character of the community will change very much. I think it’ll always be made up of several different lifestyles,

Mary Durney-I see the beginning of a real community oriented town where people are important and where there’s a real emphasis on the local people, events and facilities for the people here. Am I being too vague?

Joel Rosenblum-It’s hard to say I’ll still be here so in 20 years I can tell you what it really was like. Twenty years from now I think Dave Roth will have a lot grayer hair and will be riding his bicycle slower than he is now. We’ll probably still have the same bumbling city administrators-beyond that I should probably take the Fifth Amendment.

Tony Adler-To really get an idea of what Cotati will be like 20 years from now you’d have to imagine yourself in a helicopter flying overhead and looking down on a large mass of high rises, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Holiday Inn, businesses. there won’t be any green space at all-no trees, no parks. Traffic will be four lanes in each direction, bumper to bumper going through town to Hewlett-Packard. Life as we know it presently will no longer exist. Of course I won’t care because I will have long ago sold my house when the property values go up and I’ll be living in the South of France.

Fred Andreoli-If my forefathers thought the way people here think now, Cotati wouldn’t be here. The no-growth element can’t stop growth.

Grace Callahan-I think Cotati will have a tremendous increase in population; Petaluma will be full; Penngrove will still be rural and they’ll move here because it’s between the two metropolitan communities.

Paul Averick-If they’re not careful it’s going to be a ghost town.

Johnnie Frances Morgan-It’s a beautiful little town and I think they’ll still keep beautifying it. It’ll become like a tourist attraction later on because they like to keep the old store fronts and don’t want to build up too much. I’d like to see more civic projects to help people and see more tolerance and love shown. I like Cotati because it’s not highly organized and it has a relaxed atmosphere. I hope it’ll stay the same kind of small friendly town.

Leslie Swanson-Well gosh, it probably won’t even be here 20 years from now. It’ll just be part of Santa Rosa, won’t it? I’ll own the Cabaret and Mark Braunstein will be working for me.

Rafa Gonzales-Cotati will be part of “C” section in Rohnert Park if we don’t watch ourselves. If we don’t get businesses in town to produce enough money to pay for all the things the kids need.

Dusty Dawn-In the year 2003 everybody will be driving a little tiny car, bicycles will still be in; we’ll have condo houses that you can zip and fold away and take with you. And we’ll be flying in the air with a little helicopter of our own. Other than that. I don’t think Cotati will change, but Ocean Moon will be mayor of Cotati.

Ishmael “Tex” Gates-It’s hard to say what Cotati will be like in 20 years. I know it’s changing pretty often.

Dwight Steeves- I think the possibilities are unlimited as to which way the city can go; whether it will become a bedroom community or whether there’s going to be a mixture of the rural area that we have now and industrial and residential. What I see happening is a gradual change with more housing because the Santa Rosa-Sonoma County area is growing so much. I also see this city retaining a lot of its rural character, because there a lot of people who have grown up on their farms here and are going to stay on their farms. I don’t see it becoming a big center of business activity, because the business area is pretty much limited to where are now. i see this as a very pleasant place to live, because it’s going to have the services of other cities available to it within a short driving distance and yet the city itself will be basically residential. i see a very happy future for this city as it gets its fiscal situation ironed out and gets its utilities working to the best capability. I feel very positive about the future of Cotati. i think Cotati will retain its strong connections with Santa Rosa, but it’ll be sort of an oasis amidst the big growth of Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park. Even though Hewlett-Packard will bring some changes, I don’t think it will change the whole complexion of the city because variety of life is important to the people here and they like the rural atmosphere. What other city hall do you know of where I could look out of my window and see a flock of sheep?