March 19, 2019
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What will Cotati be like in 20 years? Answers from around town-1983-Part 2

By: Irene Hilsendager
November 2, 2018

Linda Beets- I think it’ll be miles of mini-shopping centers on each corner. And a bunch of people who don’t work. Pretty much the same as right now.

Julian Porter-A desolate waste-land populated by the same people that are here now except they’ll be walking around like in the Land of the Living Dead in search of a new coffee shop to inhabit. No trees, the sky is going to be a musty shade of grayish brown. It’ll be a large industrial area; they’ll find pockets of oil like three miles deep so they’ll put up these giant oil wells over Sonoma County. There’ll be refineries everywhere.

Patti Davi-It’s going to be like all of us-gorgeous.

Lenny Sandroff- Needless to say, the most important fact is going to be Hewlett-Packard. There are two questions; will they build and if so, how big? That will design not only the physical community as we know it today, but in my own opinion, looking ahead towards technology, they’ll be genetic engineering involved. I think the design of the residents will change as well as the design of the city. One positive thing I can say is that when we grow we’ll grow with vegetation and trees. We won’t make all the mistakes of other suburban communities. But we might make the more insidious mistakes, that involve toxic contamination of our environment.

Lindy Blas-If the politicians are running it like they’re running it today…?

Fran Fleet, the Sandalady-I think it’s going to be much the same as it is now. In terms of everything around it being kind of rural and “hokey-hickey” unless it gets eaten up by Rohnert Park. Kind of a funky little 50s town.

Arch Stewart-Twenty years from now I don’t know what it’ going to be like because I don’t think ol’ Arch is going to be around here.

Fortune Teller sister Anne-Naturally, Cotati’s going to be more modernized-you must say it’s going to be a boom town. I really feel that the college is going to play a big part in it. It will never become a large city but it’ll certainly be more than what it is now. It will always retain its individuality-separate from Rohnert Park.

Rudy Castillo-I think in 20 years Cotati’s going to look like a Rohnert Park Jr. with McDonald’s and Taco Bell and no Rafa’s and no Tengu and no Tradewinds.

Rebel Fagin-In the next 20 years, if things continue like they are, I think Cotati’s going to be Old Town-a trendy place where people from the surrounding borough of Rohnert Park go to see quaint shops. It’ll be the new ghetto, as Sacramento and San Francisco become a suburb of the growing cancer of Rohnert Park.

Eve O’Rourke-In 20 years there will be a giant reunion of all those folks who have come and gone from Cotati and who have grown from Cotati and given and taken from Cotati. We’ll have a great party in the whole town.