RCHS 50th
May 23, 2019
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The Ranch spawns numerous great athletes over 50 years

  • A number of athletes who starred at Rancho Cotate High played football and saw their tallies on this scoreboard from the old stadium before the new Cougar Stadium was built in 2008. Photo by Jane Peleti

October 21, 2016

While football has been the dominant and most success sport over the years at Rancho Cotate, there have been several athletes in football and other sports who have shined. For example, Brandon Morrow, a 2003 Rancho Cotate graduate, is currently a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. Defensive end Mike Tuaua, Class of 2011, who was one of the standouts on the team that reached the North Coast Section Div. II championship game, started for Texas Christian University.

Joe Guinn, still considered to be one of the finest heavyweight wrestlers in state history, won the CIF State Tournament, while teammate Gary Soto was a second-place finisher. Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, who starred four years for the Cougars’ football team, is currently a red-shirt freshman at the University of Louisville.

The Community Voice asked Rancho Cotate athletic director Henri Sarlotte to help pare the list of great athletes down to the top 10. But after consulting with a number of past and current coaches, he was unable to do so.

Instead, the following is a list of all the athletes inducted into the Rancho Cotate High School Athletic Hall of Fame and the year they graduated:

Gonzales Jones, 1968, football, basketball and baseball; Bill Garrod, 1968, football basketball and baseball; Denny Plyler, 1968, wrestling and baseball; Mike Padia, 1969, football and wrestling; Mike Stephens, 1970, football, track and basketball; Pete Marshall, 1970, football, basketball and baseball; Ron Seiler, 1971, basketball; Mike Wlodarczyk, 1971, football and baseball; Marc Clarey, 1972, football, track, basketball and wrestling; Mike Cooper, 1972, football, track and basketball; Steve Wlodarczyk, 1972, football, basketball and golf; Marshall Brant, 1973, football and baseball; Wayne Hill, 1973, football and baseball; Ray Jones, 1974, football, basketball and baseball; Robert O’Connor, 1975, football, basketball and baseball; Todd Peterson, 1975, football, basketball and golf; Sharin Geister, 1976, volleyball; Stephanie Bullen, 1978, basketball, volleyball and softball; Joe Guinn, 1979, football and wrestling; Greg Fogg, 1979, cross country and track; Jim Knight, 1979, football; Larry O’Connor, 1979, football and baseball; Ron Kamaka, 1979, baseball and track; Gary Soto, 1980, soccer, wrestling and swimming; Michelle Geister, 1980, basketball and volleyball; Lynette Colter, 1981, volleyball, basketball and track; Lynn Christensen, 1981, football and baseball; Greg Swenson, 1981, football, wrestling and track; Ken Aggio, 1981, football and baseball; Jacqueline Komrij, 1982, swimming and track; Rob Rathbun, 1984, football; Lisa Uhl, 1984, volleyball; Angie Williams, 1984, basketball and volleyball; Maurice Thompson, 1984, basketball; Torin Schultz, 1986, basketball and tennis; James Clay, 1986, wrestling; Tracy Williams, 1987, volleyball and basketball; Jon Foye, 1988, football and wrestling; Tor Hansen, 1988, football and wrestling; Jim Veler, 1989, football, basketball and baseball; De’Shea Daniels, 1990, basketball and baseball; Dan Lucas, 1990, football; Pat Hagler, 1990, basketball; Casey Alderson, 1990, softball, basketball and volleyball; Kelli Nash, 1990, basketball and softball; Tami Fa’agata, 1990, softball; Amey Mitchell, 1991, track and soccer; Heather Hunter, 1992, basketball and softball; Chris Stevens, 1995, football and track; Gabe Duran, 1995, basketball; Corey Nelson, 1995, football and track; Mark Hedeen, 1998, football and basketball; Chauncey Ako, 1999, football; Mary Chapman, 2000, softball and tennis; Kevin Guinn, 2000, wrestling, soccer and football; Jackie Snyder, 2001, swimming; Blaire Gabler, 2002, track, soccer and cross country; Alex Morrow, 2003, football and track; Phyllis Blanchard, 2004, cross country and track; Jenny Johnson, 2005, softball and basketball; and Jenny Merrill, 2007, softball.