June 25, 2017
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The Crane Creek Clean Up

April 14, 2017

Technology High School students, parents, and faculty members all volunteered for and participated in “The Crane Creek Clean Up”, along with some Rancho Cotate High School students in honor of the late Dr. Joe Immel. The event was organized by Technology High students Lucy Davis, Roger Chevalier, Emma Pardo and Zoey Grant. They, along with Barbara Immel and Principal Dawn Mawhinney, are pictured on and around the bench they are having replaced in Dr. Immel’s name. Pictured also are Garth Alves, Abigail Appleton, Jake Beatie, Elizabeth Berg, David Blankenbaker, Zoe Bull, Marcos Carballal, Emma Davis, Amy Davis, Daniel Davis, Matthew Davis, Jacob Davis, Molly Davis, Daniel Downey, Gavin Edwards, Max Efron, LeeAnn Fontes, Mary Fontes, Joshua Gaitan, Nicholas Ghigliazza, Christina Gibson, Hannah Gibson, Kail Gibson, Kyrene Gibson, Ida Gibson, William Gibson, Matthew Guerra Garcia, Jacob Hartwick, Bobby Hepburn, Holly Hepburn, Carter Hepburn, Robert Hepburn, Jonathan Hirsch, Aria Hornback, Mandy Kirk, Melissa Knoll, Kori Lacy, Keith Lacy, Ashley Leitch, Emma Mazzamuto, Scott McKeon, Ansley Moon, Jeremy Mugurussa, Camden Nicks, Orish North, Collin Peterson, Maddy Quigley, Erin Reim, Tami Richardson, Damien Scholzen, Gillian Stwewart, Silas Topzand, Jenny Wallis, Kobe Weinstein, Catharine Woods, Nate Young, JC Zhang, Ace Baultista, Dustin Dang and Henry Carey. 

Photo courtesy of Technology High School