October 19, 2018
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Technology High School baseball seniors honored

  • Photo by Robert Grant

May 18, 2018

Four-year players: Anthony Ditizio #11 – Escorted by his father, Coach Robert Ditizio and his sister, Alessandra; Angelo Telucci #33 – Escorted by his parents, Steve & Elise Telucci and his sisters, Elizabeth and Mary.

Players who did not play all four years: Max Orloff #22 – Escorted by his parents, Marc & Lisa Orloff and his brother, Cameron; Nate Young #23 – Escorted by his mother, Lisa Farlin Ryan; Barnes #88 – Escorted by his parents, Robert & Cathy Barnes Kade; Crandall #13 – Escorted by his parents, Coach Keith Crandall and Kelvin & Tracy Si. 

 Robert Grant