October 23, 2018
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Sweeping up solutions September 28

By: Irene Hilsendager
September 28, 2018

Did you know you can wash shower doors with distilled white vinegar? It is wonderful for removing soap scum and buildup.

Did you know to prevent that unsightly soap scum from returning quickly on your shower doors, wipe your doors down with some lemon oil? You will find that you won’t have to clean them as often.

Did you know that if you take some white toothpaste on an old toothbrush to clean out the shower door runners it will clean out most of the build up? Brush afterwards with some distilled white vinegar.

Did you know you can remove film from plastic shower curtains by placing several large bath towels in the washing machine along with the shower curtain and add ½ cup vinegar? Remember to remove the curtain before the spin cycle starts and hang it up immediately.

Did you know that it is a good idea to always rub the walls and doors of your shower down with a squeegee before you get out of the shower? This will help prevent those water spots. 

Did you know to remove hard water deposits and keep your showerhead flowing freely, just fill a container with half hot water and half vinegar and let it soak for an hour or two?

Did you know you can please your plants when you decide to take a cool shower by taking the plants into the shower with you? The plants respond well to the humidity and moisture.

Did you know you can remove stubborn toilet rings by pouring a cup or two of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight and then brush well and flush?

Did you know you can make a friendly toilet clean by simply dropping 2 or 3 denture tablets in the bowl water? Let stand for two or three hours and brush well and flush?

Did you know you should make sure you put your cleaner on a stiff bristled toilet brush and get it right under the rim.? Otherwise the holes there that release the water will tend to clog up.

Did you know that a clever way to keep those hard water deposits from forming in your toilet tank, is to drop in a denture tablet once every six weeks or so, leave overnight, brush and flush?

Did you know it is a good idea to rub some ordinary petroleum jelly around the rim of your rubber toilet plunger? This helps provide a good seal for your plunger when it comes time to unclog your toilet.