October 23, 2018
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Sweeping up solutions July 20

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 20, 2018

Did you know you could make unique toppings on your favorite cakes by placing a layer of chocolate mint patties over a baked cake and return it to the oven until the chocolate has melted and spread with a spatula?

Did you know you may soften brown sugar by placing a slice of fresh bread in with the hardened brown sugar in a plastic bag and seal tightly? 

Did you know that a cup of almonds is equivalent in calcium to a cup of skim milk?

Did you know you could make a quick snack with stale bread? Take a cookie cutter and cut the bread into shapes. Place in a plastic bag and freeze. When ready for a snack, top them with a cheese spread and pop them under the broiler and enjoy snacks.

Did you know bread would last longer if you place a stalk of celery in the bag along with the bread?

Did you know you could store leftover soda crackers in their wax wrap sleeves and put into a cylindrical potato chip container?

Did you know you can extend the life of milk? If it’s just beginning to turn sour, add a pinch of baking soda to restore freshness.

Did you know you may store butter in a freezer for up to six months? Wrap it well in airtight freezer wrap.

Did you know you can prevent cheese from molding? Wrap a few cubes of sugar in with the cheese.

Did you know eggs should be stored with the large end up? This keeps the air pocket in the large end and the yolk in the center.

Did you know you may store egg yolks? Did you know to just use the whites and then you’ll have extra yolks? Yolks can be kept fresh for several days by covering with cold water and refrigerated.

Did you know you could hasten the ripening process of bananas? Wrap the bananas in a damp kitchen towel and place in a paper bag.

Did you know honeydew is the only melon that continues to sweeten after it’s been cut off the vine?

Did you know you can ripen peaches in a hurry if you store them in an old box and covered with crimpled newspaper?

Did you know cutting string beans with a scissors is much safer than cutting with a knife?

Did you know cauliflower will be snowy white if soaked in cold, salted water for ½ an hour prior to cooking?

Did you know that a single serving of broccoli would provide you with three to four times your daily requirement of Vitamin C?

Did you know you could get rid of those silky corn hairs in a flash? Simply take a vegetable brush or toothbrush and brush the corn while holding it under cold running water.

Did you know you could remove the waxy film from a cucumber by rubbing it with vinegar? The skin is a good source of nutrition and helps in the digestion of the cucumber


Remember, these are just tips. Use at your own discretion.