November 21, 2017
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Sweeping up solutions!

By: Irene Hilsendager
November 3, 2017

 •Did you know there is no need to buy expensive dish washing detergent? Just use the cheapest brand you can find and add a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the water and your dishes will shine?

•Did you know you can buy the cheapest dishwasher detergent and just add in some white vinegar to the machine and it will keep your dishwasher smelling fresh?

•Did you know that if wax drips on silver candlesticks, just put them into the freezer? The wax will peel right off.

•Did you know that if you still are the one that uses lace doilies, you can just wash them in sour milk like grandma used to do?

•Did you know if you have a sticky iron, just sprinkle some salt on a piece of waxed paper and iron away?

•Did you know that to remove ink spots or marker stains on your hands, remove them by rubbing liquid soap and a bit of sugar on your hands?

•Did you know that you could save a fortune at the dry cleaners to revive your suede jacket? Just take a balled up clean pair of pantyhose and rub in a circular motion on the jacket. The pantyhose actually pick up dust particles off the suede and gives the jacket new life.

•Did you know you can disinfect a plastic cutting board by washing it and then rub with a half cut lemon and microwave for a minute?

•Did you know that if you apply latex paint and it gives you a headache, just add a tablespoon of vanilla extract per pint of paint and stir? The vanilla will curb the odor without affecting the paint color.

•Did you know that symptoms of food poisoning would vary depending on the amount and type of bacteria or virus ingested? Symptoms usually include chills, stomach ache, nausea, muscle aches and diarrhea. If diarrhea occurs shortly after a meal, it is usually a sign of food poisoning. If you experience any symptom or even suspect that you have eaten a contaminated food, contact your doctor immediately.

•Did you know that you should wash packaged produce before eating it? Some studies have shown that bacteria can be spread from hands to package.

•Did you know that oils break down and become rancid over time, especially if exposed to light? If you buy large containers of oil, look for dark containers and store them in the refrigerator if the oil will not be used within 30 days.

•Did you know that using a slice of white bread would clean up broken glass? Dampen the bread and slowly wipe the floor with it.

•Did you know that if you use separate lingerie bags for laundering each family member’s socks, it saves you the time to keep them together and you won’t have to sort them later?

•Did you know that if you notch a few holes along the rim of your paint can, the paint that you wipe off the brush will go back into the can instead of running down the outside?

•Did you know that by dipping a 3 X 5 index card into your paint can and writing down the details, it will make it easier to match it at a later date?

•Did you know you could add color to a campfire by soaking pinecones in a solution of one quart of water and one cup of baking soda? Let them dry for a few days before tossing them into the flames.

•Did you know you can sharpen your scissors by cutting into a piece of folded aluminum foil that has been folded about 9 or 10 times, then cut through it several times?

•Did you know you could perk up colors on your plants by giving them a sip or two of flat club soda occasionally?

•Did you know vinyl floor tiles are excellent for covering picnic tabletops? Linoleum can also be used instead on kitchen shelves. It will last longer and is easier to keep clean.

•Did you know that if you rub a bar of soap across the window track, the windows would open and close more easily?

•Did you know that if you place a few mothballs, a piece of chalk or a piece of charcoal in your toolbox, you will never have any rust on the tools?

•Did you know that you can roast marshmallows over a fire while keeping hands far way from the flame? Save wine corks and stick them on the ends of unbent, unpainted metal coat hangers. Use the holes already made by the corkscrews.


These are just suggestions and we strongly recommand you use your own discretion in these tips.