October 19, 2018
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Sweeping up solutions

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 19, 2018

Did you know you might remove crayon from a wall just by putting a little toothpaste on a dry cloth?

Did you know you might remove marks from wallpaper with just an art gum eraser or a dry sponge?

Did you know you could make homemade window cleaner and save money? Just mix ¼ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of ammonia into a bucket half-filled with warm water. Fill several spray bottles and you will have an excellent cleaner. If you want to give it a professional look just ad a drop of blue food coloring and a few drops of lemon extract and shake well.

Did you know that before you shampoo your carpets you should vacuum thoroughly as this will make the job easier and less messy?

Did you know you should always begin shampooing your carpet at the end farthest from the doorway and work your way towards that doorway? This will prevent you stepping on the cleaned area before it dries and ruin your shampoo job.

Did you know that you can remove that brand new carpet smell quickly, crank up the heat in the house to its maximum? Leave the heat on for about four or five hours, then turn it off and open the doors and windows to air the room out and cool down the house.

Did you know to cut down on static from new and nylon fiber carpets, mix two cups fabric softener with a gallon of water? Pour into a spray mister and spray the carpet liberally.

Did you know you can remove debris from your stopped up vacuum hose, simply push a broom or mop handle through it? Be careful not to force it too much or you could damage the hose.

Did you know you can prevent small metal objects, like pins and paper clips being sucked up into your vacuum cleaner, glue several strong, flat magnets to the front underside of the head of the vacuum, the magnets will nab them before they can be picked up by the sweeper bar?

Did you know a good general carpet stain remover is foamy shaving cream? Simply apply a blob to the area. Rub it in well with a sponge and then rinse the area off with clean water. Let dry overnight and vacuum the next day.

Did you know if you spill nail polish on your carpet you could try holding an ice cube on the spill? This should make it more brittle and may be able to chip off some of it. Follow up by dabbing the area with a paper towel in order to contain it.