March 19, 2018
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Sweeping up solutions

By: Irene Hilsendager
March 16, 2018

Did you know to never use whipped butter for cooking? There is 50 percent air by volume.

Did you know you may store butter in your freezer? It will last for about six months.

Did you know you should never store the milk carton in the door of the refrigerator? Store it in the back of the refrigerator.

Did you know you may seal cracks in your fine china, by placing the cracked piece in a pot and add enough milk to cover the crack? Simmer for about 45 minutes.

Did you know Maple syrup is best when stored in the refrigerator after it is opened so it retains its flavor?

Did you know that if you want to add honey to a recipe, just rub the spoon with margarine and then it won’t stick?

Did you know that if you suck on hard candy you are surrounding each tooth with a layer of sugar for a long period of time?

Did you know you may store marshmallows in the freezer? Just cut them with a scissors that have been dipped in very hot water to get them apart.

Did you know you may soften a bag of marshmallows by just putting a half of an apple into the bag? They will be soft in about one or two days.

Did you know you may freeze brown sugar to keep it from getting lumpy?

Did you know that if you rub oil on the threads of the neck of the bottle of syrup or molasses, it will stop the syrup from running down the sides of the bottle?

Did you know that you may reduce the amount of sugar in a cookie recipe by up to one-third without having a negative affect on the recipe?

Did you know you may remove water stains on wooden furniture if you just rub a little bit of mayonnaise on the stain and let it sit overnight and buff the next day with a damp cloth?

Did you know to never pour used oil down the drain? It will get solid and cause clogging. Pour the oil in a metal can and when cool, cover it and throw it away.

Did you know olive oil is one of the healthful fats, but it still packs in 119 calories per tablespoon?

Did you know lard may be refrigerated for up to six to eight months? 

Did you know that you should not throw out overripe bananas? Just mash and freeze and use it for baking later?

Remember, these are just tips. Use at your own discretion.