January 19, 2018
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Sweeping up solutions!

By: Irene Hilsendager
December 29, 2017

• Grease is that awful word when it comes to the stove fan. The simplest way to clean the mess is to pop out the fan filter and run it through your dishwasher on the top shelf.

• Did you know that sealing the cracks around the doors and windows not only keeps the cold out but it cuts down on the dust in your house. Think about rubbing a white candle on your windowsills to eliminate more dust from coming inside.

• Do you know how to unstick unstuck photographs, remember those old photographs that are so stuck together and if you try to pull it apart you end up ripping them? Place them in the freezer for one half hour and gently break apart with a butter knife.

• Did you ever think about it when it comes to burned pots? Put enough hot water in the pot to cover the burned stain and add a tablet or two of denture cleaner and let sit over night.

• Zipper stuck? Rub it with a pencil and close it up. Have a zipper that won’t stay closed? Spray it lightly and carefully with hairspray after zipping it up.

• Want to have that wavy look on your iced cakes? Gently blow-dry the frosting until it melts slightly and appears smooth and wavy.

• Extra chocolate left over from Halloween and don’t want to eat it all, try a chocolate extravaganza, melt the chocolate in a fondue pot with some milk and dip in some cut up fruit. The kids eat the fruit and also have a little chocolate.

• Did you know you could remove stains on concrete with ammonia? Just add one cup to a gallon of hot water and scrub.

• Did you know you should wash all fruit even if they have thick outer skins? The bacteria are on the outside of the thick skins and when you cut into it, the bacterium spreads right into the melon, etc. In fact even fruit that you peel should be washed thoroughly. Can’t be too careful in this time of flu, etc.

• Did you know there is no need to buy expensive chemical cleaners to clean your oven? Try to be “green” and apply a paste of baking soda and water (or white vinegar), let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Baking soda eliminates grime.

• Do you throw away your dirty baseball caps because you don’t know how to clean it? Just wash it on the top rack of your dishwasher and remove it while it is still wet. Put it over a bowl to shape it and dry the cap away from direct sunlight.

• Do you have a recipe that calls for fresh herbs and all you have are dried ones, use one-third the amount called for in the recipe.

• Do you know just by purchasing a good quality entrance mat, both outside and inside your doors, you can capture more than a pound of dirt per square foot?

• Do you know that you can make your cat stop clawing at your woodwork just by rubbing in a little hot sauce, buff it thoroughly and the cat will stay away.

• Did you know that your pasta wouldn’t get infested with mealworms if you kept a few sticks of wrapped spearmint gum near any open packages of pasta? They don’t like the mint!

• Do you want an inexpensive way to clean your precious gems? Just soak your emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires in a glass of club soda overnight and they will shine like new in the morning.

• Does your child want fancy looking pancakes, fill a meat baster with the batter and do your artistic thing on the pancake griddle.

• Don’t buy that expensive cream to soften your feet, be practical and apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your feet and put on a clean pair of white cotton socks and leave on overnight.

• Don’t have a cookbook holder to keep the pages open while you are cooking? Place the cookbook under a glass pie plate and you will be able to read it easily and the page stays clean also.

• Want a good way to heat your pasta bowl but not sure if you should heat it in the oven? Save yourself time by putting the colander in your serving bowl and pour in the pasta and let the hot water sit in the bowl for a few minutes. Empty the bowl of water, add the pasta and you are ready for dinner.

• Did you know that stale beer is a good way to clean wooden furniture? Dampen a soft clean cloth, wipe it on and follow by wiping with a dry cloth. I have tried this—works great, but make sure the beer is stale; if not you can smell the yeast of the beer.