January 19, 2018
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Sports update Rancho Cotate, Credo and Technology High Schools

By: JC Newman
December 22, 2017

Last weekend, Rancho Cotate High School and Technology High School had three teams competing in basketball tournament championships:

Rancho Cotate Varsity Girls Basketball took 2nd place at the Rumble on the 4 Tournament at Antioch High School. 

Rancho Cotate JV Girls Basketball took 2nd place at the Wine Valley Classic at Vintage High School.

Technology Varsity Boys Basketball took 2nd place at the Gene Duffy Tournament in Calistoga.

Recently Rancho Cotate competed in the Herb Jergentz Tournament at Durham High School:

Rancho Cotate JV Boys Basketball team took 1st place. 

Rancho Cotate Varsity Boys Basketball team took 2nd place.


Current overall records for district teams 

(as of 12/11/17):


RCHS Varsity Girls – 2-2 overall

RCHS JV Girls – 6-1 overall

RCHS Frosh Girls – 1-2 overall

RCHS Varsity Boys – 3-5 overall

RCHS JV Boys – 5-0 overall

RCHS Frosh Boys – 4-2 overall

THS Varsity Girls – 0-4 overall

THS Varsity Boys – 5-1 overall

THS JV Boys – 1-1 overall

CHS Varsity Girls – 2-6 overall

CHS JV Girls – 0-0 overall

CHS Varsity Boys – 1-2 overall

CHS JV Boys – 2-0 overall

CHS Frosh Boys – 0-0 overall


RCHS Varsity Girls – 0-6 overall

RCHS JV Girls – 0-1 overall

RCHS Varsity Boys – 5-0 overall

RCHS JV Boys – 1-3 overall