July 25, 2017
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Spend a week to find out what it takes to be a cop in Rohnert Park

By: Christina Molcillo
June 30, 2017

There seems to have been a lot of news lately regarding police officers and how they did or didn’t do their job correctly, which has led to protests – both nationally and locally. A common refrain when someone is upset because they feel wronged is “They didn’t do their job,” or “They weren’t trained correctly.”  

One of the things that’s great on a local level, especially in Rohnert Park, is that citizens are absolutely welcome to come find out just what the job entails. Sign-ups for the Citizen’s Public Safety Academy are now being accepted for classes that are currently scheduled to begin every Monday starting Sept. 11 to Nov. 13 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

During these classes, citizens will be introduced to 24 subject areas, including the department’s theory and philosophy, law, use of force, officer safety, investigations, traffic, narcotics, hazardous materials, emergency medical services, fire prevention and fire suppression. In addition, all attendees will receive CPR training and certification. This is important to note because Rohnert Park doesn’t have a separate Police and Fire Department – it’s a Public Safety department, and the officers have to take on both roles.

This means that the training a citizen receives will cover all the bases and each class is taught by sworn and civilian public safety personnel. Chief Brian Masterson explained a little bit as to what people can learn by taking part, “It’s an intense class, but it’s worth it. There are aspects to our jobs many people don’t see and they’ll get to try it out firsthand. How quickly they need to respond, how to react in an emergency; it’s all day to day work that is often an eyeopener.”

While this is a great opportunity, it’s important to note that there are requirements to be able to take part: eligible participants must live or work within the City of Rohnert Park, be a minimum of 18 years of age and have no criminal conviction that would prohibit possession of a firearm.  

For more information or to request an application, contact the Department of Public Safety Headquarters at 500 City Center Drive in Rohnert Park, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or call 584-2650. You may also email the administrative assistant Catherine Colburn at ccolburn@ rpcity.org

For more information about the Citizen’s Public Safety Academy, visit the city website at www.ci.rohnert-park.ca.us.