September 20, 2017
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Self-proclaimed L.A. predator booted out after community outcry

By: Katheine Minkiewicz
August 25, 2017

Sex offender and self-proclaimed “downtown L.A. predator,” Daniel Patrick Cilley, has made the move back to Los Angeles after being met with community pressure and advisement from the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety that Cilley should perhaps not make the family friendly town of RP his new place of residence.

In an interview with RP Public Safety Commander Aaron Johnson, Johnson said the department received information last Sunday that 33-year-old Cilley would be moving back to L.A. following a five-day notification process with Los Angeles County.

“Investigators called him on Monday and he said that he was already in L.A., so we’re waiting for confirmation for him to register back with L.A. County as a sex offender. So we believe that he has moved out of the community,” Johnson said. 

On the week of August 11, Cilley, who is currently under probation and is “not supposed to be alone with any minor without a parent or guardian present or photograph or videotape minors without prior written consent… and is to stay away from places where minors congregate,” contacted RP police to notify them that he was attempting to relocate to Rohnert Park.

At this time, he had been staying with family at the McDouall Apartments on College View Drive according to a Department of Public Safety press release. 

The complex fronts a popular basketball court for kids and is less than a mile away from both Waldo Rohnert Elementary School and Tech Middle School.

Public safety officers had posted informational fliers around the McDouall complex in order to notify residents of Cilley, whom detectives believed was at “high risk to reoffend.”

According to Johnson, Cilley was posting things on YouTube and Facebook and other social media that came off as being sexually offensive.

“He made comments about how if he thought a woman or girl was worth it he’d chase her down to get her,” Johnson said.

While one of Cilley’s Facebook posts (All three of his Facebook pages are down as of Monday, however they were still viewable as of last week) contains a long paragraph of text claiming he is not a sex offender denying his offense, one of his blog post’s refers to topics such as “how to increase your sexual appetite.”

A 20-minute video posted on, shows Cilley trying to pick up young women with lewd comments in the streets of downtown L.A. In the video, he is seen following women he wants to talk to and approaching them saying, “you’re attractive,”” you’re beautiful,” or “I like you,” and laughing. Later in the video he responds to passerby saying, “I want to go up to the girls.”

Cilley had been convicted in May of 2017 for harassing a 15-year-old girl on camera with similar sexual and inappropriate comments. 

Despite the fliers warning residents of his likelihood to reoffend, community concern was still high especially at last week’s Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District board meeting.

Tracy Farrell, trustee and school board president said during the meeting that among many of her friends who are also parents, it has been a major concern, one met with fear.

“It has been a huge conversation piece on Facebook and at (school) drop off and pick up. I do want to let parents know there are (safety) procedures and we’ve been in touch with principals and staff at each of the schools,” Farrell said.

Due to this concern and similar concerns from local community members, Johnson said that the department told him that for these reasons it may not be a good idea to live in a place with so many families and young girls.

“He made the decision (to leave). But we told him we didn’t think it was a good idea that he moves into Rohnert Park just because of the way our community is made up and ultimately, we even made recommendations to maybe go out into unincorporated area of the county. Anywhere the people are not in such concentration,” Johnson said… “And he didn’t want to so we told him we were going to let all of his neighbors know that he was there because of some of the bizarre things that he does.”

The release cautioning residents of Cilley’s presence also urged anyone with any more tips or information of any past or present unreported activities of criminal nature to call Rohnert Park non-emergency dispatch at (707) 584-2600 or 911.

As reported by NBC Bay Area, Cilley told NBC Bay Area reporter Jean Elle that, “... it is bad to disrespect people if they don’t want to be on camera. I’m not going to do that anymore,” and confessed that “I did make mistakes.” 

However, Johnson said of Cilley, “We taped every door in the apartment complex where he was living and within two days he was gone.”