March 24, 2017
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SSU moves to boost graduation rate

March 10, 2017

Sonoma State University is taking a step toward raising its four-year graduation rate with the launch this month of an online degree planner to help students plan their path to a degree. The planner integrates with the recently implemented Seawolf Scheduler and promises to make registration an easier process for students.

“This tool allows students to see, course by course, the courses they will take from day one until the day they graduate,” says Sean Johnson, senior director of Reporting and Analytics.

Using information about typical course offerings from the Sonoma State catalog, as well as pre-requirements for all courses, the tool gives students a practical road map toward their academic degree.

Data from the planner will also help academic departments plan for and adjust classes years out based on demand. Data from the planner gives a glimpse into how many students are planning on taking a given course in future semesters, allowing faculty to plan course offerings from a position of knowledge.  Faculty also will be able to reach out to students planning on taking a class before making changes to it.