February 25, 2020
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Romer, Tatman focusing on the future at Credo, Hahn

  • Chip Romer

  • Ashley Tatman

By: Irene Hilsendager
September 30, 2016

Chip Romer is the principal of Credo High School in Rohnert Park, which is a public Charter School located on Southwest Boulevard. Credo is guided by the core principles of public Waldorf Education that delivers a college-prep program that will advance critical thinking, be creative, responsible and create initiative in public school students.


Romer was raised in Ohio and went to the University of Notre Dame, where he received his degree. Romer’s first job was at the Dept. of Labor in Washington D.C., as an economist. After moving to San Francisco he discovered Waldorf education, which is very comprehensive about whole human beings and not government and politics.

Romer left San Francisco and moved to Sonoma, where he taught preschool and kindergarten. The school was shuttered after one year.

After the closure of the school Romer and six other parents started a public school under the Waldorf model. This school became the Woodland Charter School and was extremely successful with 260 children, and ironically it was only a kindergarten at first but they used this style to get their feet wet.

Romer, along with the school, evolved very fast and soon Romer was in administration. This eventually led to planning the Credo High School which opened in 2011. Three teachers and two administrators led the development of Credo High School.

Romer is married with one son who is in his last year in college. Chip’s wife also teachers at a Waldorf school in Sonoma.

Romer says, “We address our students as leaders of the future and we work to help them to develop compassion and values that will be used for tomorrow’s challenges. Credo is a public high school that gives more, keeps asking for more and that it really prepares its students to achieve more.”

In early 2017 Credo will make their dream come true by moving to a permanent campus at SOMO Village in Rohnert Park.

Romer says, “With 1,900 homes coming in, including a 300-unit retirement community of the San Francisco Zen Center which will include Green Gulch farm and Greens Restaurant, SOMO is planned in partnership with the international nonprofit One Planet Communities. Credo is working closely with One Planet to become the world’s first One Planet School.

Principal Romer has a mission to raise students to be all about the future and be most supportive to give and raise good adults. Waldorf has great ideas and at the present they are teaching Mandarin, Spanish, English and probably in the future, Arabic.


Ashley Tatman was born and raised in Sonoma County. She graduated from Petaluma High School and decided to go south and attend the University of California Riverside. While at Riverside she received her Bachelors’ degree needed for her teaching credentials and a Master in Education. In the pursuit of teaching she went back to night school and received her administrative credentials along with another masters.

Tatman taught for a length of time in Southern California and then moved to Santa Rosa to teach in the Santa Rosa city schools. She became an instructorial coach at two elementary schools in the Santa Rosa area. Tatman moved on to become a principal at the Washington Middle School in Cloverdale, but after the birth of her second child decided she didn’t want to commute anymore; she then became a principal at Technology Middle school and serviced two schools.

About this time Tatman started to express interest in the elementary school level. She checked out Hahn; this was her first year at Hahn but her third year in the Rohnert Park-Cotati Unified School District. She had always heard about Marguerite Hahn School, which was built in 1978 and has a little over 500 students and really thought about the elementary expectations at Hahn.

Tatman is married, lives in Rohnert Park and has two children who are also enrolled in the district.

Some of Tatman’s goals for the future are to make Hahn school into a greater school with her staff and all of the buildings on campus; Tatman has much to offer to the staff and community.

Tatman says, “I want to live up to the expectations of Hahn School since it was a California Distinguished School. I want to continue to keep the wonderful academics and make sure this school goes forward in the most positive manner. For myself I always want to improve extra curriculum activities and keep educating myself in a very positive direction.”

Ashley’s mom is also a high school teacher working for Santa Rosa City Schools and dad owned his own small business; both having very high work ethics.

Marguerite Hahn School will have a walk-a-thon Oct. 4, as the school needs to raise $30,000 in cold hard money to make sure that Tatman gets slimed by her students.