May 23, 2019
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Rohnert Park has had many mayors since 1962

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 12, 2018

With the Rohnert Park Founder’s Day just being completed, have you ever thought about how many mayors have served the “sweet pea” city? I have and with Mayor Stafford serving this year, the total is 57 since the City of Rohnert Park was established.

Rohnert Park Mayors

Callinan, Peter M. 8/27/62-5/6/63

Smith, Vernon P. 5/6/63-4/21/64

Buchanan, Jack D. 4/21/64-4/5/65

Rogers, Jimmie W. 4/5/65-4/19/1966 (Deceased 10/16/08)

Smith, Cliff H. 4/19/66-3/27/67 (Deceased 6/22/77)

Pezonella, Joseph A. 3/27/67-4/16/68

Roberts, Arthur N. 4/16/68-4/17/69

Rogers, Jimmie W. 4/17/69-4/20/70 (Deceased 10/16/08)

Smith, Vernon P. 4/20/70-4/6/71

Hopkins, Warren K. 4/6/71-4/18/72

Roberts, Arthur N. 4/18/72-4/11/73

Flores, Armando F. 4/11/73-3/12/74

Beary, Louis G. 3/12/74-3/18/1975 (Deceased 9/12/07)

Hopkins, Warren K. 3/18/75-3/9/76

Flores, Armando F. 3/9/76-3/9/77

Beary, Louis G. 3/9/77-3/14/78

Hopkins, Warren K. 3/14/78-3/27/79

Roberts, Arthur N. 3/27/79-4/15/80

Stewart, Mary L. 4/15/80-4/6/81

Carbone, Tony 4/6/81- 6/8/81(Resigned)

Cavalli, Wm “Bill” L. 6/8/81-6/13/83

Roberts, Arthur N. 6/13/83-7/9/84

Hollingsworth,  Art 7/9/84-8/5/85

Roberts, Arthur N. 8/5/85-5/17/86 (Deceased 5/17/86)

Eck, David L. 6/23/86 (Interim) 11/25/86-7/28/87

Hopkins, Warren K. 7/28/87-12/5/88

Cochran, Charlie 12/5/88-12/5/89

Hollingsworth, Art 12/5/89-12/4/90

Eck, David L. 12/4/90-12/3/91

Spiro, Linda 12/3/91-12/7/92

Hollingsworth, Art 12/7/92-12/7/93

Reilly, III James J. 12/7/93-12/6/94

Eck, David L. 12/6/94-12/12/95

Flores, Armando F. 12/12/95-12/9/97

Spiro, Linda 12/9/97-12/16/98

Reilly, III James J.12/16/98-12/16/99

Vidak-Martinez, Vicki 12/16/99-12/12/00

Mackenzie, Jake 12/12/00-12/13/01

Flores, Armando F. 12/13/01-12/10/02

Vidak-Martinez, Vicki 12/10/02-5/13/2003 (Resigned as Mayor-Remained on City Council)

Flores, Armando F. 5/13/03-12/22/03

Nordin, Greg 12/22/03-12/14/04

Mackenzie, Jake 12/14/04-8/06

Vidak-Martinez, Vicki 12/18/06-12/11/07

Mackenzie, Jake 12/11/07-12/4/08

Breeze, Amie L. 12/4/08-12/8/09

Stafford, Pam 12/8/09-12/14/10

Belforte, Gina 12/14/10-12/13/11

MacKenzie, Jake 12/13/11-12/11/12

Stafford, Pam 12/11/12-12/10/13

Callina,n Joseph T. 12/10/13-12/9/14

Ahanotu, Amy O. 12/9/14-12/8/15

Belforte, Gina 12/8/15-12/13/16

Mackenzie, Jake 12/13/16-12/12/17

Stafford, Pam 12/12/17-Current