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May 23, 2019
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Rancho Cotati to honor 50 years of homecoming queens

By: Dave Williams
October 21, 2016

One of the highlights from the Rancho Cotate High School 50th anniversary celebration is expected to center around this year’s homecoming queen presentation.

Jessica Holman, the school’s student government leadership advisor and one of the people spearheading the organization of the celebration, has invited every previous Rancho Cotate High homecoming queen to participate in this year’s celebration.

At halftime of tonight’s game, the school will crown its 50th homecoming queen. In normal years, the previous homecoming queen would place the tiara on the crown of the new queen.

But at halftime this year, the earliest queen who attends the ceremony will crown the new queen.

Between tonight’s junior varsity and varsity games, there will be the class council float parade and the presentation of the Spirit Tunnel as well as a pregame performance by the Rancho Cotate High School Marching Band.

At halftime, there will be the presentation of previous queens and the crowning of the new queen.

More than half the former queens, according to Holman, have committed to participating in this event.

Rancho Cotate also crowns a homecoming king, but really, homecomings are, or at least should be, always about the queen.

On Saturday, Oct. 22, the school will host a queen’s brunch for previous queens as well as their families and current/former Rancho Cotate faculty and staff. The brunch is from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in the multi-purpose room on the Rancho Cotate campus. The past Rancho Cotate homecoming queens are:

1967 Queen Jill Jones

1968 Candy Mitzel

1969 Dawn Eggert

1970 Patty Eggert

1971 Joan Peterson

1972 Lori Maffia

1973 Arlene Otani

1974 Denise Berger

1975 Diane Bonomi

1976 Shelly Richitk

1977 Cheryl Bonomi

1978 Sherry Hardeman

1979 Maureen Sheehy

1980 Tracy Gregonis

1981 Rhonda Birdsong

1982 Deanna Bacigalupi

1983 Paige Collins

1984 Missy Young

1985 Lisa Hoffer

1986 Dorecca Poueu

1987 Cody Powell

1988 Christina Nagle

1989 Pennie Collins

1990 Rozvita Pehar

1991 Lisette Lemus

1992 Sarah Pearson

1993 Nerisa Poueu

1994 Cristina Ortenzi

1995 Luisa Poueu

1996 Adrienne Korbel

1997 Monica Ohkubo

1998 Mackenzie Burt

1999 Jenny Charles

2000 Siu Palu

2001 Ashley Thurston

2002 Katie O’Connell

2003 Marcella Burns

2004 Jessica Torre

2005 Rebecca Luna

2006 Ashley Buescher

2007 Amie Bradley

2008 Bridget Shaw

2009 Rosie Campagna

2010 Ashley Donahoe

2011 Jocelyn Bishop

2012 Alissa Hickling

2013 Arianna Whisler

2014 Jenna Giordano

2015 Allison Newhouse