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February 21, 2018
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Rancho Cotate High School Students of the month for January

January 19, 2018

19 Rancho Cotate High School students were awarded student of the month for the months of November/December. They were treated to a luncheon sponsored by the RCHS Associated Student Body class and the College and Career Center and received certificates for their achievements. Individual teachers nominated students based on superior academic achievement, marked improvement in academics, behavior, attendance and attitude. RCHS students of the month include: Justin Thomas, Ben Beary, Lane Riddle, Garrett Ridley, Jacob West, Talia Guererro, Melissa Morales, Mario Quezadas Villegas, Madelyn Bevan, Allison Wild, Marisol Contreras Cuevas, Ashley Solorio Hinojosa, Sofia Barklund, Nicole Cuevas, Patrick Mador, Bobby (Robert) Rosson, Ashley Jimeneez Madrigal, Aiden Streeter and Makari Russell. Also pictured is ASB Morale Commissioner, Kanoa Lua.

Jane Peleti